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[KNOWN ISSUE] Some Peloton activities no longer syncing from Peloton App to Strava

Mt. Kenya


We are aware of this issue, and are working with Peloton to hopefully resolve this issue going forward.   The workaround in the meantime would be to enter the missed activity manually on Strava.

Not sure where to report this - I put a note up on Reddit and I'm not the only one having this issue.  If you use the Peloton App (I was traveling and using at a Hotel Gym) any classes will usually sync with Strava - for some reason any of the Walk/Run classes will no longer sync to Strava.  You can take a cycling class, a yoga class, a stretch class, anything else - they all sync fine, but the Run/Walk classes no longer sync.


Mt. Kenya

Any update on a resolution for this issue? My outdoor Peloton exercise (using the iPhone app) does not sync to Strava like it used to.

It does correctly sync to Apple Health, so it seems to be a Strava issue. Very disappointing.


Hi Jane - is there any update here? Don’t understand how this can take so long to resolve? 

Hi @Holte_Ender 

Thanks for your message.  I checked in with the Team and unfortunately this is still outstanding and not resolved.  We understand this is frustrating.  Apologies I don't have better news but we'll continue to work to resolve this and I'll post an update here as soon as I have one.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Hi Jane - is there any update here? I cannot understand how this can still be going on for months. I pay for subscriptions for both Strava and peloton and this is completely not acceptable that the so called “tech team” cannot figure this glitch? It makes me think it’s a deliberate ploy so people buy the peloton treadmill for running so the running classes cannot be recorded using gym treadmills 

Mt. Kenya

Same issue for me.  I was using my iPad with my treadmill and none of the running classes sync.  I thought it was the iPad so I tried my iPhone.  That worked a couple of times but now that's not working either.

Mt. Kenya

Mt. Kenya

Same experience for me. Issue started happening to me suddenly now too beginning last week (not all, but most workouts no longer syncing despite integration still enabled, logging in and out of Peloton and Strava, upgrading apps, etc., etc.). 

When I attempt to upload/re-upload workouts from Peloton to Strava (runs or rides), I get a success message, but they don’t appear in Strava. 

I already feel like I overpay for Strava for the extras I get. Please fix this @Jane as this is a basic feature that appears to be a Strava vs  Peloton issue. 

Thanks for listening!

Mt. Kenya

Similar issues. Most rides on my peloton+ bike and tread upload. If I used the phone app, it’s about 25% chance they don’t sync. And even logging out, resetting connection, etc doesn’t help. 
today I did two rides on my bike+ and neither sync’s to Strava despite typical attempts at manual push, disconnect, etc. 

Hello @JandersUF 

It sounds like you are being impacted by a different Peloton issue.  Please go here for more information

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team