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route generation problem

Mt. Kenya

Hello dear creators of Strava! I am writing to you because of the latest update with Strava routes, they are very poorly generated, they are of the same type and do not correspond to the requests at all. I understand that the developers wanted to do the best, but I kindly ask you to return the previous version of generating routes for a premium account.

the second request concerns synchronization with Wear OS; the workout is synchronized after a day


Mt. Kenya

Whats happened to the preloading routes to create a route from anywhere.

Mt. Kenya

This is very disappointing. I have used the previous version to generate options from my start point and have found many great roads using it.

The new version doesn't cut it.



unbelievable how you can replace something that worked really well with something that is 💩 like this.


the IT guys in a country far away misunderstood the memo.

“lets make the map functionality ‘badder’” 🤓

Mt. Kenya

I was a big fan of the previous version where you could just generate nice routes from your location. This new update is indeed a step back for me as there are limited options, not starting from your current location and the filters are not (yet) helping in a selection. If you select the filter "any elevation" to have some climbs in the route, I never get any results.

I do like some of the changes:

  • the slider for the range of kilometers is better then the previous selectioning.
  • easier to make your own route on mobile version

But all in all I agree with above comments that the previous version was much more appealing to me. Certainly in regions (on vacation) where I don't know the roads/climbs and am thus unable to draw up a nice route on my own.

Mt. Kenya

I signed up for the community hub because I needed to see if I was the only person having such terrible results with this new version. It's basically useless for one of the biggest features I used premium for.

Mt. Kenya

I agree, I just tried to autogenerate a route, but it tells med it couldn't find any routes starting in my location!
Sure - thats what I want Strava to create! What is the point of the new route "generator"? If I don't change the distances it finds 2 km routes and 150 km routes, when I narrow down the kilometers, it won't find any. It is useless! 

Mt. Kenya

Agree! This newest update removed so many route options!  Return back to the old way, please. You used to be able to generate and regenerate to fit needs. This is the whole reason I paid for premium. Now hardly any routes show up and it looks like they are only showing routes other people have created.