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Status: Gathering Kudos

It should be nice to have the possibility to configure the default privacy settings for each activity type

In my case, I would like to set "Trail" as visible for all and "Gym" hide for the others people, since not interesting for them.

Mt. Kenya

Right now as it stands activities are private or public as an all or nothing setting. This is fine but I find that sometimes I wish there was a little more granularity in that setting. For example, I mainly upload runs and leave them public, so my friends can see routes I've done and get ideas. My bike commute to work however is mainly for me to keep track of, and no one else is going to be interested in that. I especially don't want to flood someone's feed with the same activity over and over again. The way I have it is that all my activities are uploaded as private, then if I want my runs public I manually change them. 

It would be nice to have a setting where I could say all bike activities are uploaded as private activities, and all runs are uploaded publicly. Personally it would also be helpful because my commute shows where I live and work, which I really don't want in the open. My runs I tend to change where I start and end so I'm more fine with them being public. Having that setting would let me upload everything without having to worry about manually changing privacy settings to protect myself.

Mt. Kenya

I would like to be able to set different privacy setting by app. Specifically, I want to have all Garmin activities upload as public, but all Concept2 activities upload as private. This is not the same as having diffferent pricacy setting by activity - I can see how that would be challenging for software developers. But having different privacy setting by app seems comparatively simple.


I really want this feature. It should apply to activities synced from other devices too. For example I don't record walks because I don't want them to be visible to others. But if I could have walks private be default I'd start recording them. I still want other types of activities to be public by default.


Just make all your activities private, and only "release" those you want to share. I wish more people would do that so the feed isn't filled with garbage anyway! 

Mt. Kenya

I too want to see this implemented. No one wants to see my e-bike commute, strength training or meditation. First thing I need to do now is open the activity and change the privacy settings. Very annoying and seems unnecessary.


Hi Skirk,

I'm in a similar position regarding my regular commuting versus other activities. Just one thing though, you may or may not be aware that you can block off your start and end locations of your commute to ensure privacy.