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Status: Gathering Kudos

I would love to see some holistic speed metrics captured, namely a 2 new PRs for max speed and a graph that tracks your average speed against all rides. 

For the max speed PRs I’d like to see one for max speed on a decent where the app quantifies this by seeing the terrain at a certain negative degree %

For the second PR I’d like to see it captured as a sprint where the app records based on duration and a gradient that is far or only slightly declined / inclined. 

both of these PRs would allow you to see how you’ve either grown in confidence on descents or improved your sprint performance. 

The average speed chart should should show over a period your average speed taken from each ride as opposed to just matched rides. Whilst the terrain and conditions can vary which would impact average speed I feel it would be useful to see a trend over time.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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The big problem I see with anything related to a max speed is that you would have to find a way to overcome anomalies in the data.  It isn't uncommon to have a ride where it shows a speed way above anything I could ever achieve due to a bad signal/data point.  You would be stuck with some anomaly as your PR for top speed rather than something realistic.  I've had MTB rides where it said I went over 100mph as my max speed, yet I clearly never came close to that anywhere on the ride.


Maybe the data anomaly problem can be smoothed by using not the peak gps speed but some highest average over 10 seconds or so. But I don't see max speed on decents as an achievement anyway. All max speeds I know of are reached without pedaling so what's the point of it?