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Status: Gathering Kudos

When I joined Strava, it was very motivating to get achievements as I improved.  Due to an injury and age, I'll probably never run as fast as I did a few years ago, so I never get see those achievements as I slowly get better.  While getting an achievement for beating a lifetime record is still great, it would also be great if there were also achievements based on activity over a user specified period.  For me that would be since I returned to running in November after my injury.  For someone else, it might be when they shift their focus from short runs to long runs or for runners that take the winter off an annual thing.

Ideally, you'd be able to pick a date in past to compare to rather than a hard reset - a hard reset will make every run achievement for a while which makes them meaningless.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Mt. Kenya


Sometimes it can occur, that your private life is disturbing your training 😉

This year, exactly this happened to me. For me, it would be highly motivating, if Strava would introduce a season best for segments which will be shown in the feed with cups compared to the PBs. The personal development during a season is mostly given, but did everyone in every year reach new personal bests? No. But each training, each ride, each trip with the family could have a motivating season best in a segment. Why not introducing such a feature? 

Regards Andreas 

Mt. Kenya

Something like this would be great. I struggle to get back to my cycling prowess of 8 years ago, I'm seriously considering deleting old activities to give me something to aim for.


Seconded, but I'd add not just kudos based on a picked date, but maybe having some automatic categories such as "of the year" or "since last extended break" or the like to get kudos without manual effort being required.

Mt. Kenya

As I get older, late 50s, I notice that it is far harder to get a top 3 achievement. Still happens but not often as I tend to ride the same set of routes.

What I look for nowadays when I analyse my data is a top 10 result. That is an achievement for me and assume over the next few years even that will become more difficult.

It would be nice if I could see a badge against each section that I achieved a top 10 result. It could even be a preference that can be switched on or off.

Would that be a feature that might be considered useful?

Mt. Kenya

Good idea. Being able to see achievements over a defined period would definitely suit me. As we get older achievements naturally become harder. This would at least see my progress, or lack of, over the last year or 2.  

Mt. Kenya

Seeing season's best or my best for 2022 would be great as it would show how your doing again your efforts in the current period or year as opposed to say 3 years ago when you were younger, fitter and not ravaged by injury!  It would help motivate you to get a season's/this year's  best rather than trying to chase down your (probably non attainable) previous best from many moons ago.

Mt. Kenya
Sería bueno introducir prs parciales o anuales.
Quien vuelve a la bici después de un tiempo fuera puede volver a motivarse.
Mt. Kenya

As i was very active during COVID lockdown I got to a point where I was in super shape and smashed all my PRs. 

However these do not reflect my current form so I suggest/request:

A section under the PRs that either show year to date PRs or an option to a user defined duration to showcase the PRs.


Mt. Kenya

Seasonal Conditions PR Tracking

for athletes, like myself, who live in climates with four distinct seasons, it would be very helpful to have unique personal records, leaderboards, etc according to the seasonal conditions. For example, a number of my favorite trails are groomed in the winter for fat tire riding in while my relative effort would be much higher in the snow, my times are much slower. I would love to be able to get PR’s and leaderboards in both the dry summer conditions and groomed winter conditions. Possibly even wet, slippery, fall conditions.  Thank you for considering this idea. 

Mt. Kenya

Seasonal Conditions PR Tracking Get the votes up all my four season bikers!

Mount Logan

I know what you are talking about, but the difficulty I see is how would Strava know when to apply which season?  You wouldn't be able to do it by a set date because the seasons start/end very differently from year to year.  Where I am here in Alaska, sometimes we have snow on the trails and are riding our fat bikes in October.  Other years, we are still on frozen dirt with fast riding until the middle to late part of December.  Same goes for the spring end.  Sometimes we are still riding on snow into mid-April, other years we barely get into mid-March on snow.  The only way I see it being possible would be for each person to input what "season" they are applying their activity to each time which would create a lot of variability between users.

Mt. Kenya

Yes, I understand that season start and end a very different time to each year. For example, it’s January where I am and last year I was riding groomed trails. In fact, two weeks ago, I was riding around 8 inches of snow that him and groom down for good riding. And now today I was riding on dirt trails at the same location. That is exactly why I suggested a “conditions“ option rather than just seasonal. 

Mt. Kenya

Coming late to this post but think it's a great idea.... I've not been able to run properly since injury last May followed by illness, and would love a feature that recognises activities after a certain date as being the 'new' me.  

Mt. Kenya

I think showing current year (season) PB badge on segments and also distances would be great