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Status: Gathering Kudos

Can we please get some way to view all pictures? Strava is still hosting these images, if you go back through a timeline, you can find the activities and see the pictures that way. But when you look at the profile, the top only shows the most recent (this works great), but for some reason, the column under the timeline only shows up to 99 (or +99).

Your older images are still being hosted, but you can't easily find them even if you scroll through all the other pictures. Maybe a separate link somewhere or something, not sure. I don't know what the reason is for hiding, but still hosting old pictures. 

I like checking out pics from peoples activities to get inspired to go ride or hike, and sometimes like to check out a memory too.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea to implement a link to view all photos. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.
For context, we only displays 100 of your most recent photos on your profile page to decrease the stress on our servers and prevent timeouts. However, all of your photos are still available on the activity page where they were uploaded. Strava does not delete or remove any photos.


As a software engineer, I’m quite confused as to how allowing users to load older photos would increase server stress, or lead to more timeouts. It’s not like you’re loading all photos at once, just allowing users to browse farther back in time.

Just now I opened my Media list, and waited a minute to see if Strava would preload images. Then I dragged the scrollbar very quickly, and photos had gray placeholders while the app retrieved them from the server. I waited some more, then pulled the scrollbar in the opposite direction. Again, I saw gray placeholders while waiting for the photos to load. Conclusion: Photos do not get pulled from the server until the app needs to display them.

There are so many ways you can keep the app from pulling too much data unnecessarily that this explanation doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me (eg. adding a “Load More…” button after 100 photos; not fetching photos until the user stops scrolling; downloading super-optimized thumbnails for the list, then making a separate call for the full-size version when the user taps the photo, combined with aggressive caching; etc.).

Mt. Kenya

This feature would be really really welcomed.

Mt. Kenya

In terms of pulling more integration from existing users and tempting across new users at the margin, it seems like a no brainer. I would basically stop using instagram if I could just view all my photos on strava. 

Mt. Kenya

Make this happen! this is basically my only "social media" and would love to go back in time easily and see the pictures.

Pico de Orizaba

I would also love to see the "go to activity" link show up under both the web-based and app-based photos!

Facebook is free and we can have 1000s of photos on our profiles... Strava costs $100 per year and we only get 100 photos.. come on strava sort it out 

@Soren Do you realise how long it would take to browse back through 2000 activities to find a photo of a ride i did back in 2014. especially on a phone, which most ppl use strava on.

Photos that are not in the last 100 are as good as gone. 

Im sure theres a solution to this.  

Mt. Kenya

Couldn't agree more. I was just looking for some 7-month-old running photos and had to do a manual keyword search on the Activities page to find them.

It'd also be great if we could feature certain photos, so our best photos are seen at the top, followed by most recent photos.


I really like the idea of best or “pinned” photos to be displayed on your profile. Strava needs to make sure all photos are shown on the athletes profile page, however. It’s not acceptable to have them hidden like this after we have done an activity and uploaded only because there are more than 100.

Mt. Kenya

Currently, only your 100 most recent pictures are shown on your profile. Older pictures can only be found if your open the specific activity, but if you upload activities frequently, it's impossible to search for a specific picture.

I use strava as a collection for my sport pictures, as a fun way to look back at sports archievements or memories and was really disappointed when I saw I could only find my most recent pictures.

I get the point that showing all of them might put a lot of stress to the system, but shouldn't it be possible to work with pagination?

Mt. Kenya

I use strava to look back at old archievements/memories and was really disappointed that I could only find the 100 most recent pictures on my profile.

Mt. Kenya

Why doesn't the web version have a gallery view of a user's photos? Its supported on the mobile app! I am thinking of hobby project to build a website which does this - basically, it would be like a strava gallery. You could click on a picture to go to the activity. Could add more features if it sounds useful.

Pico de Orizaba

It is imperative to have the option to remove old photos that you no longer wish to share. All photos in one place. 

Mt. Kenya

+1 to this comment:
"Facebook is free and we can have 1000s of photos on our profiles... Strava costs $100 per year and we only get 100 photos.. come on strava sort it out"

Looks like this is still a limitation, any updates on this @Soren?  Seems like this is an easy low hanging fruit feature that many would appreciate!