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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

As a user who takes part in events and trains swimming, I would like the ability to change the activity type to workout/race.  So that I can better describe what type of activity it was.

Currently, you can only mark a swim activity with the commute activity type (who is commuting via swimming?!). It would be great if you could describe your activity as doing drills (and hence speed will be significantly slower), or race so I can accurately find it in my timeline/Calander.

Mt. Kenya

Why is this taking so long!?

Especially since markong an activity as a race is the onpy way to trigger using ‘elapsed time’ instead of ‘moving time’. And swim GPS metrics are notoriously buggy because the watch is underwater. My swims are always way to fast as you assumes I’m teleporting from one point with my wrist appropriately long above the water to the next… 😉


Not sure how many folk commute by swimming (yes, this really is an option) but plenty of folk race… and yet, there’s no option to reflect it as such (yes, really). Good folk of Strava, let’s get it done eh?!