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Status: Gathering Kudos

When training up for various races, I do different kinds of runs which I’d like to be able to track. Currently, the options I have are Race, Long Run, and Workout.

With this feature, I’d like to have the ability to set up custom types of run to better track the kind of workout run I did. For example, with this feature, I would track the following types:

  • Base / Easy
  • Recovery
  • Tempo
  • Intervals
  • Progression
  • Fartlek
  • Track

Long term, we can then use this data to quantify how much time we are spending in each run type which can then help determine over-training or just spending too much time in a specific type of workout.

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Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Especially a generic "interval" type would be helpful to distinguish the (reason for a particular) performance in my opinion. I know intervals can be considered a workout, but I'd prefer to be more specific.

In addition, the checkbox for "commute" may be expanded with options such as marking a walk as "leisure" (when meandering with friends or family and not going for a pure point A to B walk) or "running errands" (not a commute, but walking from store to store, going for groceries or the pharmacy, etc).


Can we please have more "type of run" like "Recovery" "EasyRun" "Fartlek" "Tempo" "Park Run".

I do some easy Z2 runs from time to time and I would like to add "Easy Run" for example. 👍🏻


Super 👍🏻👌🏻


Agree!  Sure is nice as a Subscriber to pull up the Training Log and be able to utilize the coloring/size of workout Circles to review and track training and races!  Similarly virtual rides/runs/walks/hikes/paddleboarding/kayaking/etc should get the same tags!!!   

For workouts keep the dashed lines... maybe some of thers just highlight the outside of the circle?  I mainly would like the Recovery tag option and a destinction of at least "Intervals/Speedwork" and "Threshold/Tempo" Workout runs.  


Totally Agree 👍   

Mt. Kenya

I don't mean to be the grumble bum, but I've just renewed my subscription (again) and I wonder why.  A simple, but very useful request like this one has not been progressed.  None of my previous requests were ever actioned. Why do we bother? Grumble over, but I still have £50 of grumble left in the pot! 


Yes this seams like a “quick fix” to implement. 🤷🏼

Mt. Kenya

I was wondering how many people would be interested in an Easy Run or Recovery run option under the type of run drop-down. I would love to see all of my recovery runs and easy runs on the training log. If you select race as an option it colors it bright red as a dot on your log, but recovery or easy run could be a light blue or any other color to show that it was an easy run. Not every run is a workout or a long-run so i would just like to see them portrayed on my training log as the color of what they are