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Status: Gathering Kudos

I like the weekly activity + relative effort chart in Strava. I’d like to see that directly  on my phone as a widget. The widgets showing weekly miles and goals completion only account for run, bike, swim distance; but in addition to cycling I also lift weights & walk, and would like to know if I’m increasing my activity at a sustainable pace, falling behind, overexerting, etc.

A widget would be nice because it can help me decide early in the day if I should look for a high effort workout, or take more of a rest/recovery day, without opening Strava and clicking though several items to get to the weekly effort view.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea of including a weekly effort widget. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.


Very interesting @JimmyArms, thanks for asking this feature! We could have this widget on the lock screen to directly see the Fitness Score or weekly Relative Effort. 
In addition to this, I would love to have a widget with the ranking as part of a group challenge. This is something I love to check after a run, within the challenge details screen but I need to click several times to reach the ranking. Having it directly as part of a widget would be great too 



Hello Strava Community,

I would like to share with you a new idea. 

What is it ?

  • Since iOS 16.1 we can set Lock Screen Widgets. 
  • We could have some on Strava too for the following features : Fitness and Freshness, Weekly Effort, Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Distance, ... 

Why this feature is important ?

  • It increase user engagement by seeing at a glance on the lock screen some metrics we know and love from Strava
  • I will think of Strava immediately by seeing these lockscreen widgets and I'm pretty sure I will open the app on clicking on it to consult more datas
  • This is a snapshot of the app, a quick access to a dedicated part of the app, this is so powerful 


  • When preparing for a race, you want to follow the volume of kilometers you do each week; with a lock screen widget you can follow it really easily
  • When you train hard, your weekly relative effort is something you want to watch closely: with a lock screen widget you can directly know if you are in the right space or below/above and train more efficiently 

Some others Apps already did it for distance (Nike Run Club) or for steps. 

Thanks for reading 



Pico de Orizaba

I support this idea, and it would be great to have an expanded offering from Strava rather than just distance for the week. I'm using Flink for iOS which provides a little more info about distance breakdown per week/month/ year.

Mt. Kenya

This feature seems half-baked. It doesn't look at my progress in the week compared to the same point in previous weeks. It compares to the previous weeks as a whole, which means it ALWAYS says I'm behind the trend because I do my longest efforts on the weekend.

Mt. Kenya


i export all my activities into strava and would love to see my progress through the week. It's strange that "all sports" goaling available in the app but widgets are limited only to 3 sport types 

Mt. Kenya


Mt. Kenya

I agree with JimmyArms request,

I find the relative effort chart on the IOS app too small to see. It's even smaller on the web app.

An additional option on the IOS widget would be excellent!.

On the web app, it could be an additional view item on the Training menu.

Mt. Kenya

Widgets are an untapped feature that requires relatively simple code to implement. People use Strava to track their progress, incorporating more versatile widgets only enhances this primary directive. Get on it Strava team, thanks!

Former Member
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Also, a widget for running streaks. NRC has it, and the small number that increases each week is a constant reminder not to give up on the hobby as a beginner and motivates me to maintain the streak.

Mt. Kenya

It would be awesome to have the option to display the Fitness, Fatigue & Form numbers below the graph on the Weekly Progress widget on the iPhone. Or have an additional widget that shows the Fitness & Freshness graph with those numbers. With a Smart Stack, I could flip between Weekly Progress and Fitness & Freshness Graph without entering the app each time. This would help with deciding what kind of ride or run I’ll do with a quick glance as I’m running out the door with little time after work. Thanks!

Mt. Kenya

I play a lot of different sports each week, so it doesn't make sense to track any individual distance.  So Relative Effort is the main thing I track, as well as my "Monthly Fitness" and it's a great way to gamify fitness.  The same way that Duolingo gamify's learning with its streak days, it would great to see one or both of those up on a home screen widget and/or lock screen, not locked away inside the app.