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Status: Gathering Kudos

We want to raise the visibility of our female athletes in our club by highlighting the top women performers on our club leaderboard.

Currently the club leaderboard shows stats for all members. We seek the ability to display the club leaderboard with stats for the female members of the club. This might be achieved by adding filtering to the club leaderboard, similar to what has been implemented on the segment leaderboard (see screenshot).


Here is a mockup of what a filter could look like



This aligns with your #striveformore initiative and would help clubs highlight and promote a broader range of athletes.

Mt. Kenya

We're a mountain bike club but several members also ride road and/or gravel. By nature of their activity type, they do more miles than the pure mountain bikers among us. Why not have seperate rankings for offroad and road cycling?

Mt. Kenya

Let premium users filter their FEED!

I am a outdoor real world cyclists, I don't want to see running, watertsports, the  SWIFT or virtual rides.

I want me feed to be full of routes I can actually bicycle!!!

Give me panel of check boxes so I can turn off all the crap  don't wanna see!

Seriously must be the easiest SQL query it edit.

Mt. Kenya

A user cannot efficiently review club members rides to get inspiration for new routes because so many users from other countries join local clubs having no association nor ever visited the club.  Suggest a filter to allow the user to only see activities within a 60 mile range of the club.  Living in Boulder CO any of our local bike shop clubs or riding clubs seem to have more members from around the world than local members so that there is too much noise in the activity feeds. 

Mt. Kenya

Can you filters activities for one day for all members of one strava group?

Mt. Kenya

Good day
May I request that you consider adding calories on the leaderboard especially for the multi sport clubs, over and above time spent on an activity, allow us to rank also by calories. 

Thank you 


I'm in some groups where people are part of it but live and ride in a completely different country...for an area specific local cycling group.

Scrolling through hundreds of people's rides from all over the world to find the local rides and organised rides is really stupid. There should be an option for the group admin to block/hide non local rides. Heck I'll even take limiting it to the same city but ideally be able to set a radium from an address .

Maybe any ride that starts and ends...or even goes through that radial area show. The rest are hidden.

Even if it's an option anyone can turn on or off on their own to only show local rides...given that is the whole point of being a member of a local group.

I get there are groups that aren't area specific like a Rapha 500 group etc. But local group rides, or shop rides etc should have the option to hide non local rides. 



I think Strava really misses out on clubs being a source of inspiration, especially when it comes to long weekend adventures.

Let me give you an example. I am a member of a large local club called Seattle Mountain Running Group. Every weekend I see multiple awesome adventures where local trail runners explore nearby mountains. Seeing what routes other people can run is especially helpful in the early season when many of the trails are still covered with snow and more and more trails gradually become snow free. 

So on Friday I turn to Seattle Mountain Running Group as a source of inspiration, thinking about my upcoming weekend long run in the local mountains. And what I see there? Pretty much nothing - I see fewer than 100 mostly boring midweek runs that the club members did on Friday and the feed doesn't go any further! So that is a complete failure for my intended purpose.

What I really want to see are runs from the previous weekend. Perhaps the alternative approach would be to be able to filter the club feed by distance or elevation gain, or perhaps display only the most kudoed activities from the last 7 days - that would likely include interesting and inspiring runs. But as it is implemented now, the feed doesn't serve its purpose for me and I don't even look at club feeds anymore.

By the way, I remember that many years ago it was possible to scroll the club feed endlessly. As I scrolled down it loaded more activities so I could get to the previous weekend activities. That was at least somewhat usable for the purpose of finding some interesting routes to "steal".