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Status: Gathering Kudos

I'm part of a club thats quickly growing (The Last Drop) and we've been using Strava Club as our main page to manage club rides, ride attendance, member growth. We have a "free member club" vs "Paid Member Club".

We were hoping to see some club metrics as administrators such as:

- Member growth (Month by Month) (new members that are invited to club vs follow free club)
- Historical ride attendance / RSVP per ride
- Total rides per week
- Attendance per week
- # of members that leave the club / unfollow
- Events per week
- All historical events


I was looking for same idea these days.
We're using Strava to make people within the company more active and so far, the data from club section is very limited and takes a while to gather.
We totally need more granular info for this part.

Mt. Kenya

We dont have yet the tools to see the informations about activities in month and years at a group?

It's a big mistake, Strava. 

Mt. Kenya

it exists :

it's strava clubs on steroids

Mt. Kenya

Please Add monthly and yearly members stats in the Clubs under Leaderboard.

Thank you!