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Status: Gathering Kudos

I'm part of a club thats quickly growing (The Last Drop) and we've been using Strava Club as our main page to manage club rides, ride attendance, member growth. We have a "free member club" vs "Paid Member Club".

We were hoping to see some club metrics as administrators such as:

- Member growth (Month by Month) (new members that are invited to club vs follow free club)
- Historical ride attendance / RSVP per ride
- Total rides per week
- Attendance per week
- # of members that leave the club / unfollow
- Events per week
- All historical events

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Updated Tuesday

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Great idea. I would like to have monthly and yearly club statistics. Or at least a monthly report that can be shared. 


I feel like the Club feature isn't really well explored in Strava. I'm working on a code to enable what I will suggest that might become another app/website, but I will be fair and propose it directly to you since I and bazillions of people already use Strava.

Club Events and Stats already exist, but you can only see future events, and only a very limited stats collection based on individual activities by the club members.

I think it would be cool if there is a tab where you can see past events and who was on it, or at least how many people were on it. Having this, you can also make a leaderboard for attendance. And then you can have stats like total number of events hosted by the club, collective distance ridden (in events), club events heatmap, and whatever other stats that data analysis allow us to do. Basically a Club profile more similar to a User profile.

I have many others suggestions related to clubs, but for now that's all.

Pico de Orizaba

Kind of like the “Statistics” page for individual profiles, but for clubs as well so you can see how many hours and kilometres the total club activities have been. It would be pretty cool to check out.


+1 on the leaderboard for club event participations (instead of total distance accumulated in all activites)