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Strava has always traditionally been focused on Cyclists, but more and more features are coming out for additional sports. I would like Strava to better support Multi sport, in both activities and athletes stats/data.

I would love to see is being able to unify/upload multiple activities that were related to each other e.g. a Triathlon. The user experience is always quite clunky, and its hard to view as a single effort/activity when looking at past activities.

Ideally this would be a single activity with different sections per sport and includes transition period. 

This would greatly improve the experience to both the user and their followers. For example the user will be able to differentiate between a 10k run and a 10k run they did at the end of a triathlon. It gives much more context into the athletes effort and doesn't treat single sport activities the same as multi sport

It will benefit their followers as it will reduce the amount of activities displayed on the feed (e.g. if they do lots of swim/run/swim/run/swim/run training). 

Look forward to hearing from you


@Robstrong I am already doing this



Mt. Kenya

I agree. I would like to add that I specifically would like to specifically create groups of workouts rather than just doing a predefined multisport like a triathlon.



Previously I have replied to this as by grouping different event types together, I have done this on day basis, strava could do this by joining different event types with the gap time from end time to the start time(arbitrary 1 hour) as a continuous chain. so it doesn't matter if its swim-run-swim or bike-bike-swim-run-canoe.  

Mt. Kenya

Supporting this would be a game changer for triathletes.


Long asked for.

If I bike 20 miles to hike 10 miles to XC ski 10 miles, it'd be nice to get stats for each of those sports individually while sharing an awesome 40-mile day with my community.


@K9 its easily done, here is my ironman race, summary line, followed by all the sports, with Transitions between sports defined as workouts, as you and others have said we want something more specific, so when upload our activities, the last activity on the day checks to see if the previous activity ended just prior to that activity and then keeps on checking going back in time until there is a gap between end & start times.







Mt. Kenya

I vouch for this. Using Suunto 9 watch where it is possible to track multisport. Makes sense to align this with Strava.

Mt. Kenya

Glad to see this getting some traction. Most of my activities are multi sport. I’d much prefer to have them displayed on one map and not clogging up everyone’s feed.


@JohnNewman your multisport are recorded as separated activities, as each sport they have their unique pacing, segments and all the other processing on a activity, if we can see each activity following each other as a cluster with a tail footer that contains a general summary such as time & distance. The next question is your competing in all day Swim, Bike & Run, each activity gets posted after activity, 8am, 1pm, 7pm which will show 3 different posts: Swim, Swim+bike, Swim+Bike+Run(T1+T2) and with others it will be 1 Swim+Bike+Run as they uploaded their after the event.

Mt. Kenya

Strava vs Suunto

A simple three lap Swimrun practice in Suunto turns into 6 workouts in Strava.  Last week when we did five laps it was 10 workouts.

The status for number of activities is then meaningless, if one workout looks likes 6 or more.



Mt. Kenya


Adventure racing is a sport I'd love to use as an option to select on my strava, as at the moment, I have to resort to just selecting bike, even though many more disciplines are taking place during the activity. I realise the option of recording each stage separately is possible, but I believe this makes your race as a whole hard to read and having all your stats etc. on one activity is much better. 

It would be even better if the adventure race activity has the option to colour code each section according to each discipline. For example, you could make it so kilometers 0-17 were pink lined for mountain bike, kilometers 17-34 were yellow lined for kayak, and kilometers 34-50 were orange lined for run. I think that this would make the route much easier to comprehend, and reflect on.

With the adventure racing community growing rapidly, I think this would be a great addition to the Strava platform. 


This is my assumptions Strava is not doing this, your Suunto (also garmins etc) is doing this, when you select a multisport on your watch, in my case(fenix6) everytime I press the lap button, it saves each sport separately, what I have not checked is their a tag/pointer in each FIT file saying its part of a set of continuous sports or connected to the previous activity. My activities are automatically upload my watch/edge530, they upload to Garmin, Garmin then shares each activity back to Strava in some of sort format and not all the extra details are passed. 

@Soren Yes we want extra processing by strava to determine that activities are connected just by checking the latest activity start time is close to previous activity end time(30 mins between end to start).

So in a Swim-T1-Bike-T2-Run event, the swim is seen as a normal activity(still adds GroupID), when the bike activity is uploaded strava see's that swim activity ended 5 mins earlier, the bike activity adds the swim(activityID) as a GroupID




According to Garmin this is a Strava glitch.  Garmin allows us to create a "multi-sport" workouts aka WOD's where we might be doing 8 or more runs broken up by 8 or more activities like pull-ups or box jumps etc (Think of sports like Hyrox and DekaFit).  Garmin will record the workout as one event, but when transferred to Strava it posts them as 16 or more one minute workouts.  I end up deleting them and don't get credit toward my training data, I wish Strava would work this out with Garmin.


I really wish Strava would fix this, I do a lot of WOD's (Workout of the Day) where it might be;
30 seconds assault bike
30 seconds burpees
1 minute treadmill 
repeat 10 times

That's one workout according to Garmin Connect, but transfers as 30 separate workouts on Strava, each only 30 seconds or one minute.  And I have no way to use Stava analytics to look at the workout as a whole.  


@joemain for the poll we need those 800+ people who have signed the petition to come here and give this thread a Kudos so that it boost this higher up the idea chart an maybe strava will move it to "Under Consideration" status