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Status: Gathering Kudos

I know that Strava doesn't want to support motorsports, but people want to track their dirt bike rides, and so they are using E-bike activities to do that. Where I live there are a lot of mixed use trails, so people on their dirt bikes are messing up the segments for actual E-bike activities. Just add an activity for motorcycles, easy solution. I don't currently ride a dirt bike, but if I did, I would want to track it too. 

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Moderator Moderator

Hey @KevinUptain,

You are correct we don't want to encourage motorsports but you do make a compelling argument about those who record motorsport activities and upload them as ebike anyways.

It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

El deporte a motor también tiene su merito. Además fomenta que otros usuarios lleguen a la plataforma. Ahora combino la bicicleta con la motocicleta y los recorridos en Strava no los puedo subir porque rompería todos mis números... he estado explorando otras aplicaciones que me permitan tener un un mismo ecosistema ambos deportes! Acabo de pagar mi suscripción por una año más apoyando esta hermosa iniciativa vuestra, pero no deberían ser excluyentes!

Mt. Kenya

I ride a dirt bike and I also use E bike or Mountain bike to track my rides which would be messing up the statistics for those things, can we please have a motorcycle activity.


+1 Tracked ATV ride in the desert or racing around a track. It was fun to share that experience. Can still show HR during different aspects of the ride/race. 

As part of this, I hope we can have activities sorted so we can choose which sports to show in feed.

Shant Hagopian
Attorney & Athlete
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Mt. Kenya


I use Strava for swimming, hiking, mountainbike, skiing and snowboarding activity’s.

I also like to ride my modified surron. It’s a mixup between a dirt bike and an e-mtb. 
Iuse the e-mtb activity to track my rides. But I would also prefer a mx/enduro activity as this bike is really not a e-mtb. Power is comparable with a 125cc dirtbike. 

Thanks in advance.



Mt. Kenya

I really don’t understand why Strava does not support motorcycle enduro, MX etc. These are serious sports which demand huge levels of fitness. 

The problem, as outlined many times in this post, is that dirt riders are using the e-bike mode and that’s messing up all the stats and also routes. 
Come on Strava, us MC riders are also sports people.

Mt. Kenya

And I’m not in Mont Blanc? I’m in England.  

Mt. Kenya

Dear Strava Team,

I'm fully aware that you have reviewed and dismissed the idea multiple times. However, I kindly request that you to read the comments associated with the following post.

Once you do, you will realise that there are so many reasons this category should be added to your platform. Motocross, Cross-Country and Hard endurance are widely recognised as some of the most physically demanding sports out there, and anyone who has tried them will tell you the same.

You are constantly using every muscle group in your body to control a piece of equipment that weighs significantly more than you do. The faster you go and the more uneven the terrain, the more you have to move. Shifting loads on your muscles requires all kinds of instant reactions to variable forces. The harder you ride, the more the workout. The other difference between cross-country, enduro, motocross, etc, and other sports is that your brain has to work very fast, because you are going very fast, and the consequences of doing something wrong, as we all know, are a little different in these sports than others.

Adding this category will keep your public heatmap accurate, it will keep segment times realistic, it will keep leaderboards competitive, and it will keep mountain bikers off our motorcycle specific trails. But most of all, it's what your end users want.

Please, give your paying customers, your paying community what they have been asking for.
Please reconsider your choice to dismiss the addition of this sport. 

Thank you.

(This was a seperate post which the Strava Team have moved here, so that they can ignore it. Grrrrr)

Mt. Kenya

I know this Idea has been posted before but it’s obvious Strava needs to hear it again. It wouldn’t be that hard to re-skin the e-bike mode for dirtbikes. So please Strava the moto community would love you!

Mt. Kenya

I use your platform for swimming, running, and mountain biking and I would like to add motocross to the list. If you guys have been paying attention, countless others are in support of the idea. Even a guy who doesn’t ride wants it so MXers aren’t skrewing up e-mtb. I’m pretty sure the Strava community would be for it or don’t really have an opinion. That being said, the only people not in support is you guys. I want to know why. Why don’t you support it? I’ve seen countless responses from you saying you’re not on board. But why?

Mt. Kenya

Please add Dirtbiking/motocross to Strava. I know a lot of people that ride both mountain bikes and dirtbikes and would like to track both sports separately. 

Mt. Kenya

Mountain biking for many years now and recently bought a dirt bike… now I have to head off reservation to record sessions… probably just do what most do… use eMTB which isn’t my preference. Please add an option that works for all and keeps the stats in the right place and accurate 

Mt. Kenya

I'd rather use a 'wheelchair activity' to track my motorcycle off-road riding to not mix up ebike segments. 

And  I want to separate it from my real bike and ebike activities.