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Status: Gathering Kudos

The Strava Apple Watch layout should be customizable or just improved.  When running it shows your pace as this HUGE number but I am more interested in TOTAL DISTANCE which is tiny numbers.  I think many runners would love this to be reversed.  Please make this switch or please give us the option.


Thank you

Mt. Kenya

I use Apple Workout app on Apple Watch 7 to see my current pace because Strava only shows average pace. I need both data in real time when running. Please add the data or make some setting to arrange the Strava workout view.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Completely agree with your suggestion. I’m short sighted and struggle to read the small digits.

Mt. Kenya

I want to see my Miles ran on my Apple Watch in a larger view instead of pace. I would love to have the option to edit the view of the Apple Watch while running to see the stats that work best for me? It’s defaulted to see the time and pace, and then the miles are really small at the bottom. With other fitness apps I’ve been able to adjust this face setting to the order that works best for me.

Mt. Kenya

Customizable face to make the distance and elapsed time larger vs only the pace.  Thank you.

Mt. Kenya

I don’t know how Apple Watch default run has a better display than Strava. What about current pace? heart rate? It allows scrolling so you can see your zone scrolling also allows to see your elevation gain and split pace. Strava should have all of this

Mt. Kenya

Any update on this? I'm new to Strava and find it very frustrating not being able to make total distance the bigger number. It's the only number I care about and **bleep** near impossible to read while running with sunglasses on. 



Mt. Kenya

Would really like the option to change stats displayed on Strava Apple Watch app. For instance, when on 'Outdoor Walk' the large number it displays is - of all things - speed. Nobody on the planet needs or wants to see 'speed' as the large primary stat when walking. Distance, Pace, Heart Rate, just about anything else, but... speed? Really?

Mt. Kenya

100% agree.  When I walk or run, I am more interested in heart rate and total mileage.  With Mountain Biking, I only really care about heart rate which is the smallest field and I'm also far sighted so I can't see it at all.  I also looked into if there was an option for displaying the heart rate on my iPhone at the same time, but no dice.   Garmin allows you to modify all the fields, just saying...