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Some MTB routes are preferable to ride in a certain direction. It's impossible to ride upwards an MTB downhill section. Also it's not a great fun to lose elevation on a road mostly ridden uwards to actually gain it. It would be great to determine the preferred direction on a heatmap by color. For instance let it be blue for uphills, red for downhills, grey for 50/50.

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Mt. Kenya

yes, I've also often battled to work out the direction of a ride when following a route I'm interested in ... mainly when a start & finish is same location.


Ok, let me be even more precise with what I'm looking for. Here's the example of a heatmap of my local woods. Those downhill sections are simply dangerous to ride upwards as you can get hit by someone riding down full speed. But heatmap looks the same for all the trails. Someone seeing these woods for the first time has no clue which trails are supposed to be ridden upwards and which downwards. The colouring should be dynamic, depending on your current position. If you stand in a middle of a one-way road the preferred way would be coloured blue, opposite way - red. If it's a two-way road - both ways just grey.



Currently when recording an ebike mountain bike ride with heatmap showing and recording the ride, the heatmap is blue and the recorded route is dark blue. This is sometimes confusing to look at as I am riding and looking for my next turn. It would be nice to have one or the other color different then blue. And not orange since that is used for following planned route.

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Hello @Staymoving 

Thanks so much for your suggestion.  We have an existing suggestion here where Community members are asking for changes and enhancements in heatmaps, so I've consolidated your post with that one.  This prevents votes from being divided across duplicate posts. Don’t forget to show your support by clicking on the kudos button and adding a comment to the thread.

Thank you again.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


From Staymoving: Thanks for including me in this general discussion of heatmap colors in the app. I am only requesting a simple color change other then blue, since this is also the recording route color and not orange which is for created a route. I guess also the degree of opaqueness, would be nice to control like the  online version. This is because it is sometimes hard to see the heatmap on the satellite view. 


@Staymoving sorry mate, you're suggesting a dead simple thing not related to the topic.


I posted my update to clarify my request. It was merged into the more robust color scheme by Strava, not me.