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Status: Gathering Kudos

When I'm planning a gravel bike ride, I want to know where all the gravel / dirt / unpaved roads are - not just the ones along my planned route.

In the route planning map, it shows me which sections of my current route are paved vs dirt -vs unknown - so it's clear that Strava has this data about many roads - but in order to know whether other roads are dirt, I have to drag a waypoint over to them, which is slow and awkward.

In the routing preferences, I can choose between "prefer dirt surfaces", "prefer paved surfaces", and "any surface", which is useful, but isn't the same as being able to see where everything is. Often, I am willing to go out of the way to ride a new gravel/dirt road, but I might not ever discover it by relying on the "prefer dirt surfaces" routing option.

I'd like to see the surface type of all roads on the map - perhaps as a layer that I can turn on or off like the heatmap layers.

Mt. Kenya

I like this idea!


good idea - this would be very useful.


I agree that this would be incredibly useful. 

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Jane (she/her)
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Mt. Kenya

Improvement for the route creator at the strava desktop website:
Project the underground roadtype on the map, so users can create routes with unpaved roads.
Like similar to

for example I would like to create a gravel route.
On the website from i can see where the unpaved roads are, so I can create a specific gravel route.
Strava shows only the underground road type when a route is created. Not where these roads are.