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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

As a user who takes part in events and trains swimming, I would like the ability to change the activity type to workout/race.  So that I can better describe what type of activity it was.

Currently, you can only mark a swim activity with the commute activity type (who is commuting via swimming?!). It would be great if you could describe your activity as doing drills (and hence speed will be significantly slower), or race so I can accurately find it in my timeline/Calander.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

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Mt. Kenya

Would be great to have the option like how it is for cycling or running. Maybe just "race", "workout", and "long row". It'd be great to have it in there for logging and everything. Thank you!

Mt. Kenya

Hi Strava product team and kayakers

Here is a suggestion for improving the kayaking activity type with the same tags as those available for running or cycling (Race, Workout, ...). Hoping this should not be a huge development effort.



Pico de Orizaba


This should be the case for all activity/workout types! 

 Just because someone only hikes (or walks)... doesn't mean they can track their intense training hikes vs casual hikes!  Someone hiking hill repeats up a 10% incline w/backpack... likely could/should be a "WORKOUT" and would be nice to be tracked/recovered as such... vs a casual long hike along a creek with family.



It'd be fantastic to have the option to designate a nordic skiing event as a race.

Thank you,

Gowtham (G)

Gowtham (G)

Thank you! I will follow this example for subsequent ideas 🙂

Gowtham (G)
Mt. Kenya

For running and cycling we have the option to set the activities as "race", "workout" and "commute".  Yet, for swimming the only "activity" option is "commute"... I mean really???🤔. That's kinda dumb.  A swim can certainly be a "workout" or a "race".  The only activity option for yoga is "commute".  Uhm, really... Again, kind of stupid.  Yoga can be "stretching" or "strength training".  I'll bet you haven't really thought about assigning proper activities to any of your new "sport" options either.

Mt. Kenya

i couldn't agree more @sgowtham , i was disappointed last year that I couldn't note my races in strava to help when I'm looking at my overall training plans in the winter. please strava please!

Mt. Kenya

Probably more useful than a “commute” LOL

Mt. Kenya

This would be much appreciated. 

Mt. Kenya

I agree who swims as a commute?? 🤷🏽‍♀️ I mean swimming is definitely a competitive sport. It’s an Olympic sport for goodness sake and likely one of the popular summer Olympic sports. Not understanding why it doesn’t have the choice of designating as a workout and race from creation and why it’s still not implemented. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Mt. Kenya

I just finished my first triathlon and as I do with every race I went to give them race-tags so I can find them easily. Swim not having the tag (or any other competitive sport for the matter) is ridiculous, there's no reason to disable this feature.


Strava made Commute a global flag that can seemingly be attached to any GPS-based activity, which, I suppose, I can imagine a lightkeeper swimming across a cove to their lighthouse on a promontory every morning. But if we’re going to appeal to niches like that, we may as well make Race a global flag as well. Far more activities exist that can be raced than commuted, and I’m not sure it would look any weirder to have Race available for Golfing than it already does with Commute (yes, Commute-Golfing is a thing—try it 🤣).

Among other oddities, since Hiking is just a sub-type of walking, the Treadmill tag is available for it. Sure, you could mount a video of the PCT on your treadmill, but are you really hiking at that point? Then we have the Indoor tag for Snowshoeing and eMountain Bike Ride, which, yeah.

I understand that these tags were created at a time when Strava only supported Run/Walk/Ride, but with all the activity types available today, it’s way past time they were redesigned. If nothing else though, they sure give me a good laugh.

Mt. Kenya

I would second the comment about triathlon.  When I compete, I get three (well 5 really, if you count transitions) activities in Strava.  I can mark Run and Ride as races, but not the Swim segment.  Seriously Strava? 

There should at least be workout and a race tag for Swim.  I'm sure people will be able to come up with others as well (e.g., recreation).

Mt. Kenya

Presently a workout, strength training, ebike and walking, "commute" is the only type of activity tag available to choose. I ebike, walk , strength train as a workout. Commute doesn’t make sense.
Should have the option to choose workout as a type of workout under all categories.