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Have you every wanted to reminisce about old runs? Have you ever wanted to show that multiple activities were linked together? or Tell people about your progress from one workout/route to the next. Well I propose there be a feature added to link activities. It would similar to adding media. You would press a plus button on the edit activity page which would take you to your activity list you would then select the activity or activities that you would like to link to this activity. Then when looking at the activity It would show the other activities title in the description with the ability for users to click on it. 

Mt. Kenya

I think being able to group activites into 'sessions' would be useful. For example, if i have a workout with multiple runs, it would be nice to group them into one session. Further, if I do a multi day hike then I tend to record each of the days as a hike and would like to group them into one session.

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Helllo @akshathv 

Thanks for posting about this.  We have an existing suggestion for this already garnering support on our Ideas Board so I've consolidated your post with that one.  You can view it here

Be sure to add your vote (kudos) and any additional comments you have.

Also, here are a couple of other related ideas that have been submitted that are related to this topic and may interest you:

Thanks so much.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Add a 'collection' feature for multi day activities.

Problem: There are some activities that last for days even weeks for one goal/ in one trip, such as multi-day hiking challenge, multi-day riding tours. In these case, for me, I perfer to upload each activity each day onto Strava.  And the problem comes when I would like to have a summary of the multi day activities - I have to export the gpx, combine them in other websites and there is no way to show these stats on strava. And upload the combined gpx again will make duplicate data and ruin my total miles.

Fix: Add a collection feature that manually group activities for the stats of summary and some nice routes images for social media posting!

UI as below, just similar to normal activities but instead shows summary and also have analysis page for advanced metrics (HR, pace...)

截屏2024-02-29 23.45.15.png



Mt. Kenya

This would be a way to prevent flooding and disorganization of the Strava feed.

During workouts, especially if it's with other athletes who also have Strava; warm ups, the workout itself, and cooldown are recorded separately so it's easier to see pace, splits, etc. This makes it so the feed is very crowded and hard to find someone's activity.

How this could be fixed is having it possible to connect separate activities together and when it's in the feed, it'll be possible to see the highlighted activity in full, but for other activities connected, it'll be possible to see the topic, then a dropdown button available to see other details of the run.

Mt. Kenya

Currently when attempting a long ride, tour or ultra event, the athlete usually uploads each day or stage as a separate ride. The alternative is to merge multiple activities using a tool like GOTOES but this is not an elegant solution and often looses detail.

I would love to be able to upload an activity of my ride of each day or stage of an event and then 'collect' them under an overall umbrella. This would work particularly well for ultra events where the whole route could then be viewed in the activity feed but when selecting the collection you would then see a list including each activity that made up the total route, which you could then select to view more detailed information. 

When looking at other people's activity Day 1, Day 2 etc it is difficult to get a sense of the epic nature of some of the long distance routes some people are completing and I think it would be a really neat feature. 


It would be great to associate several of my own consecutive activities as one group of activities. For example, sometimes I workout on the track but warmup and cooldown off the track and record these as three different activities. I don't like the thought of filling other people's timelines with my three different activities. I have changed the visibility of the warmup and cooldown before but then these activities don't count towards my weekly mileage and is not really the functionality that I desire. Other use cases for this feature of "grouping activities" could be for times when an activity is accidentally stopped prematurely. However, this is not the only use case as mentioned above (workout example). Another use case I can think of include multi-day races that are run as relays with several team members. It would nice to "link" all of your segments of the race into one grouped activity, both for self-review later but also for others' viewing.