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Status: Gathering Kudos

Ten year age bands are fine for younger athletes but as you get older these bands need to be narrower (suggest 5 years) to allow for the more rapid degradation in performance expected at this age. Surely a 64 year old can’t be expected to compete at the same level as a 55 year old. So perhaps after the 45 to 55 band it should go to 55 - 60 and 5 year increments thereafter.

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Mt. Kenya

Additionally add 80+ category 


Mt. Kenya

I want to add my request to that raised by A6spot.  We need an 80+ category.  Time ain't kind and it's getting harder every day to get out there and compete for segments.  It's so much tougher when there is a 7-year age gap (I'm 82 and still have to compete with athletes who just turned 75) that's getting harder and harder to do.  Come on Strava, help an old guy out and give me a fighting chance in an 80+ age category.

Thanks for listening.