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Status: Delivered

I would love to be able to have different shoes set as my default for walking vs. running, as well as a different default bike for road vs. MTB.  I often forget to change which shoes/bike I did what on, then that messes up my milage tracking (for when to change shoes or tires/tyres).

Moderator's Edit: we are excited to announce that we launched default gear by sport on May 9, 2023. Now, you can set default shoes and bikes for different foot and cycle activities! We appreciate any and all feedback on this feature so feel free to continue to leave comments in this thread. However, if you have additional suggestions we invite you to submit a new idea. For more info on how to do this, please click here

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Also while we are here please make it possible to not have a default gear. I have multiple pairs of running shoes that I regularly rotate, so whatever the default gear choice, it is almost never correct. I'd prefer not to assign any by default as an option. 

Pico de Orizaba

That's probably one of the most requested features, yet I'm not very hopeful it will be implemented directly in Strava anytime soon, if ever. I've heard people requesting that for at least 3 years.

It's also one of the main reasons I wrote a tool to do just that, plus a bunch of other automations:

Hope it works for you 🙂


Agree with @Silentvoyager - having associated gear left blank for an activity by default will help prevent inaccurate mileage readings on things like shoes, where many runners have multiple pairs and don't "default" to one for every run.


Thanks @igoramadas for that tool/link - looks very interesting (kind of like IFTTT for Strava), I'll give it a try.  

I also think the 'default=none' as an option would be good too, as stated by @Silentvoyager and @MattS_bsb.

Pico de Orizaba

@CreakyCrankyou can set default to "None" with Strautomator:

Mt. Kenya

Yes, please! Super relevant and would save me the time I always spend after activity upload to edit these things manually.

Mt. Kenya

I'd like to see the ability to set a default bike for each ride category: mountain bike ride will default to my MTB, road ride will default to my road bike, and a gravel ride will default to my gravel bike.

Mt. Kenya

Love this suggestion.  My particular manifestation would be for Bike A to default when doing regular rides outdoors and Bike B to default when doing virtual rides on my trainer.


I totally agree


Not to say @igoramadas didn't write a fine tool, but I've been using an alternative--ActivityFix ( automatically updates my efforts based on sensor information available in a new activity. The standard features I use are to suppress sending really short stuff to my feed, switching gear based on something unique about that bike (power pedals or speed sensor are unique between all my bikes), and even switching to a temporary bike that I added as a rental when I was out of town for a week (any ride starting/ending inside a 10mi radius was switched to the rental, regardless of sensors).

Jim Millard
Mt. Kenya

This please! Using a stationary for virtual rides and my mobile bike for my real rides. This would help simplify how much editing I have to do to every activity I log.

Mt. Kenya

This would be a really useful feature. I have to manually update my gear, if I go to ride my mountain bike.

Mt. Kenya

Totally agree. Should be simple I would have thought.

Mt. Kenya

I think it’s also very common for people to have different shoes for running and hiking which means I constantly have to adjust my hiking workouts to put in my hiking shoes