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Mt. Kenya
Status: Existing

Can we have like an ID for an each bicycle so I can actually track all the distance covered by my register bikes? So for example: I have a Cervelo and a Wilier and I let friend of mine use Cervelo while we ride together. And after that ride he can add that actual bike from a drop down menu so all the miles are covered. Please let me know if that makes sense for you. 

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Status changed to: Existing
Moderator Moderator

Hey @GeorgePonimir,

Hi there, thanks for submitting this suggestion. This functionality already exists within Strava. If your friend were to add the same gear to their profile, they would be able to add it to their activity.

To find more information on adding gear please visit our support page here. Thank you for your contribution and effort to help our online forums to continue to grow.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team