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Pico de Orizaba
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Calculating the "Age Graded Percentage" for a run is a well-known way of standardising the time taken to complete a run according to the age and gender of the runner involved. Knowing that my age graded percentage for a 5k run is higher than somebody else's necessarily and by definition means that I performed better than they did over that distance. If I only knew that my time for the 5k was faster, I would not be able to fairly reach the same conclusion without first considering whether I was younger or older than the other runner or whether I was the same or different gender. Calculating an age graded percentage is easy (lots of websites allow you to do it) and it could be done for every run on Strava.

I would love to see a "Best Efforts" page that is based on this percentage because it would allow me to compare my best efforts with those of another athlete much more fairly. At the moment, my best effort according to Strava might not really be my "best" effort at all. For example, my second best 5k time of 20:05 might constitute a much better effort than my personal best time of 19:50 if, for example, I achieved the 20:05 time when I was in my fifties but the 19:50 time in my teens.

See the following websites for more details:


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Jane (she/her)
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Mt. Kenya

Excellent idea. I would like to see all race result Strava posts automatically calculated and give option to include the athletes age grade for the performance too


This is similar to an idea I posted last year. A moderator archived that but I still stand by my original idea  (below for reference) and that of the contributor here.

Some of us are not as young as we once we're and our times etc are gradually dropping off as we age. I'm in my 50s and so comparing times to runs I did 10 years ago is not relevant unless we adjust for age.  Similar to how you show GAP, it would be great to see something along these lines adjusted for age. Likewise, lifetime PBs become irrelevant in later life. I'm never going to run a sub 40 10k again no matter how much I train. The fitness trending and comparison to previous runs on the same course could also do with the same treatment. Even better if you can see true and adjusted pace etc.