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There are many digital badges for cycling but this is mainly aimed at outdoors. For people who can’t get out due to limited time (new parents, nightshift etc) it’s hard for them to achieve the badges (600km for cycling consistency). 
cycling consistency badge based on the number of activities per month would allow those who cycling 3-4 times a week achieve a badge and still encourages them to cycle. This can be progressive to similar to the distances challenges. 
I believe this would help encourage those people like myself to continue to find a smaller amount of time on the turbo trainer in the shed or gym amid their busy lives and promote better health. 


Status changed to: Existing

Hey @WeeMac89 thanks for sharing your thoughts and suggestions. I'm assuming you're referring to our Monthly Challenges? If so, we always have several ongoing Challenges that include "virtual ride" as a qualifying activity, including the 200km, 600km, 1250km, the Gran Fondo, as well as others such as the September Workout Challenge, which requires a minimum of 15 mins of activity 3 days a week, for a month (more consistency focused than the others). I understand it's hard to achieve the distance for some of the other cycling challenges when your time is limited and I will raise this with our team.

Mt. Kenya

I do not consider indoor cycling as rides. I encourage Strava to create a new challenge subject for indoor training, instead of considering such efforts on the Ride subject. It frustrates the ones that go out and face traffic, weather, time constraints, and even bike skills such as equilibrium and cornering, that in the end may be lower on the distance challenges because someone just rides indoor in the comfort of their home with much simpler logistic.

With the pandemic Strava made the decision to consider indoor rides for the Ride challenges. Eventually this decision changed from temporary to permanent. I am not comfortable with this at all. 

Create a new challenge subject as Indoor training or something like that, but don't call indoor a ride. It is not!