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Allow users to organize routes into folder.

For example, it would allow you to organize routes into regions. It should allow you to organize multiple activity types into the same folder. For example, a swim, bike, and run route all into the same folder for a triathlon.

This would allow users to easily sift through many routes.

This idea has been requested multiple times in comments of a previously delivered idea.

Mt. Kenya

When considering this, keep in mind that the purpose of folders is different from filtering. Folders are a higher level of organization than filtering, and the user would likely start with the higher level folder and then use filters to find the route they are looking for.

In my case, I have lots of road cycling routes and lots of gravel cycling routes and it would be extremely helpful to have two separate folders to organize them. Furthermore, I would love a way to organize them based on geographic location, whether that's achieved through folders or filters. It would also be nice to be able to manually organize the routes via drag and drop, so that the user can group similar route together (e.g. variations on a similar route). This would also help the user to delete superfluous routes.

Mt. Kenya

As a professional cycling tours organiser and a Cycling culture organisation at Rouleur Magazine the Komoot collections is the main reason we still plan events in Komoot and advertise the event to clients via Komoot and also share new routes in Komoot in our digital content.  When we do the actual ride with clients we give them the Strava route and encourage them to share on Strava because Strava is much better for this than Komoot. Having to use the two platforms is a pain.  Collections are an amazing feature that I still don't understand why Strava doesn't have. 

Mt. Kenya

How about a simple sort function on saved routes? Sometimes I can't quite decide but I know I have a given time available to go for a ride and want to just choose one with the correct distance/time without having to scroll through the full list.

Thank you,

Mt. Kenya

It's the year 2042, man has established permanently manned bases on both moon and mars.
But what really made the news was Strava enabling sorting, grouping and filtering of routes in their web-application. There are rumours that this year's nobel price for peace will be awarded to a commercial entity for the first time. What a time to be alive.

Mt. Kenya

Seriously! For years, I have been asking for something as simple as folders to organize different trips, countries, years, etc.  What is so challenging with this that Strava can't simply make this happen???  How about a legitimate response on this from Strava, not just we are considering?  Thank you. 

Mt. Kenya

How about Strava including the functionality to organize routes into folders or categories

I have 200 routes saved and ride in 4 parts of the country on gravel, MTB, road, etc

It would be great to have rides segregated into folders based on location, type, etc and not have to scroll through all the routes

Ride with GPS does this well...

Mt. Kenya

Folders would be such a good update. I’d also really like the ability to search for a route on the app like you can on the website. It’s very tedious scrolling through all my routes to find a particular one. 

Mt. Kenya


It feels like the whole routes feature is intended to be used with a maximum of 10 routes.

Mt. Kenya

Hey everyone,

I've been a long-time Strava user and absolutely love the app. However, I was here in this post almost a year ago and I've noticed that many of us have been asking for better ways to organize our routes. While Strava has made some amazing features available, the ability to create folders for routes is still missing.

To help with this, a few of us passionate users have developed an add-on called RouteManager Pro. It complements Strava by allowing you to:

  • Create custom folders to categorize your routes by region, activity type, or any criteria you choose.
  • Easily sort and filter your routes by date, distance, and location.
  • Route discovery and more

We want to keep developing with your feedback, so if you are interested you can join the waitlist to the close beta version or join us today with the founder deal:

Check it out and let us know what you think!




Mt. Kenya

Hello Mr Strava.  Time to act on this logical ŕequest of folders for toutes. Go for it!

Mt. Kenya

This feature just rolled out for Hammerhead. It looks like I'll continue to upload all my strava routes to Hammerhead and manage folders there. 

Strava, somehow now SRAM is implementing features faster than you!

Mt. Kenya

it seems so easy to take into consideration, why isn't it already possible.... ?

Mt. Kenya

I have quite a few routes saved in my account. It would be great if you could introduce a feature to add saved maps to folders and a search bar to quickly find a particular route you've saved. Currently they are all stored in a flat list and a user must scroll through the list and pages to find the route they want. Thanks!


I'd like to have the ability to sort my created routes.

I have named my routes by the length of route and some are similar, so I'd like the ability to sort them alphabetically or by length or other.

Mt. Kenya

A possible feature of being able to sort our saved routes into separate folders. Use could be for people who move between multiple areas and want to see routes they made for one location.