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Status: Gathering Kudos

Progress Tab and My Stats in my STRAVA account is a wonderful place to see top level information. It would be very nice to have similar statistics capturing "commuting" information, especially adding the new "CO2 saved" as a subheading of "commuting". Imagine what this would add up to for the whole STRAVA user community!

Mt. Kenya

Adding my support for a "total commute miles" line in my yearly stats! I'd love the ability to see a breakdown of my mileage for commutes vs training/expeditions. 

Mt. Kenya

One more vote of support for this. 

At the very least, a total carbon saved in the Year in Sport highlights would have been cool!

Mt. Kenya

Yes please make a way to search all commutes. I ride to work a lot and it would be nice to see this as an option. 



I feel the same need to distinguish my commute mileage from my leisure / sport mileage.
Veloviewer does the job, but it comes with subscription fees.


Mt. Kenya

I have been looking for a CO2 saved accumulator as well.  It would be great to have it on the My Stats page, as others have suggested.

Mt. Kenya

....that's it really. I think this is available to be consumed by the bike lobby it would help allocating resources.

Mt. Kenya

I love the commute feature, and I use it with different bikes, bikes that I also use for non-commute activities. I would love to have a space to summarize total commute miles and CO2 saved.

Mt. Kenya

 A report of total CO2 saving would be great and a useful tool to point at what we as employees do for sustainability. And hopefully get economical help from our companies to buy bikes. 🙂 

Mt. Kenya

I generally ride 5 days a week -  4 of which are commuting.

It would be great to customize stats by ride type (eg. commuting vs non-commuting), total amount of CO2 saved (calculated in commuter mode). Since I primarily use one specific bike for commuting, it would be great to know what kind of mileage I’m putting on it for maintenance records, etc. over a date range (monthly, annual, etc)

It shouldn’t be hard to be able to customize since all the metadata is recorded for each ride (dist., elevation, HR, effort score, time, CO2 (commute), avg power, avg speed, etc)



Mt. Kenya

yes please, would like too have this