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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

To me Strava is primarily about motivation and KOM gongs/trophies are a big part of this. As you get older it gets harder to compete for overall KOM/QOM gongs. So it would be good to have age group gongs, i.e. top 10 in age group.

Mt. Kenya

We need to encourage all ages to achieve!

Mt. Kenya

Just sounds like more fun to me. Leveling the playing field for motivation and some fun competition.  All for it. Thank you. jd

Mt. Kenya

This seems like a no-brainer.  You already show stats for age-groups.  Throw a little bling daddy's way! Otherwise we have to brag about our age-group rankings.


I fully support age-related K/QoMs and CRs. However, I’m sure one of the concerns is users entering a bogus age just to steal trophies. That would be a lot harder to police than people recording activities while sitting in a car or airplane.

(Which, I imagine, may be one reason the age-tied leaderboards require a premium account. Not too many people are willing to pay a subscription just so they can cheat on a leaderboard only a small fraction of users will see.)

Mt. Kenya

That would be an easy fix.  Upload a piece of id showing DOB.  Character recognition is easy these days.


@CamEltoe How will Strava know if some peace of paper is an id?


Yes, masses of people are going to trust Strava with their IDs, just so they can compete on segments.


There are already age-category leaders folks, this simply adds a trophy for the one ride you set a top segment time. That's all... not enough to incentivize cheating IMHO. Moreover, if people are going to cheat with age categories, they likely already are. Finally, Strava would never make the effort to monitor IDs and verify ages. They do so little already.

Mt. Kenya

Please add an Agekom to Strava. For example an little silver crown.  For every first on a segment in a Age Group. I and many older men and women  would very pleased with this expansion of the best sports app!

Regards Jan Roeters

Mt. Kenya

I strongly support this change. I dropped my premium subscription (for various reasons). This would show me that Strava is continuing to innovate on issues that matter to me.

The population is getting dramatically older. And we're riding! Adapt with us or beleft behind!

Mt. Kenya

I would strongly support this change.  I just realized I have butt loads of age group KOM and top 10's.  I don't know how many cause there is no easy way to see them summarized.  But any time I go look at a segment where I set a PR I am usually on the age group leader board.  At 66 I do still have a small number of All Time KOM and leader boards, but living in an area with tons of riders there is no way I compete against highly trained 20/30 yo's.

I'm getting ready to drop my subscription, the training tools and ride analysis is duplicated by my ride computers app (in my case Garmin Connect) but a strong age group comparison and social recognition to others on my rides would really make me consider keeping my subscription.



Just like at many races you get medals for each age group, this should be the same.

Sure I can filter the leaderboard, but that takes effort and doesn't get public recognition for continued badassery as one ages.

Mt. Kenya

It would be great if we could earn crowns by age category. For instance the fastest person on a segment in the 30-40 year category could be awarded a blue crown. The fastest person in the 40-50 year category could be awarded a red crown. The age range could be in small script inside the crown. The gold crowns would remain for the fastest person regardless of age category. 

if needed for data protection people could opt out of the crowns based on age…

would love to see this on strava. 

Mt. Kenya

I have been a Strava member for many years now. One thing I am sure of is that as I'm aging, my times are slowly getting slower. I've never been a racer, just a recreational cyclist. I had submitted a comment to Strava about age related PR's (KOM/QOM's are really only something for the very few, my guess is that the VAST majority of Strava users will never earn one unless they ride something that very few others have. My suggestion was another version of PR for a specific bike. My reasoning is that in the last few years I have been riding my new gravel bike a LOT, riding almost all of the same things I used to ride on my full suspension mt bike. I can safely say that just due to the bike difference, almost all of my PR's are likely never to be seen again due to my rising age AND the bike I"m mostly riding now (the gravel bike just can't compete w/ the FS bike). My suggesting was a new version of PR, such as a "BPR" (Bike PR). I would know that it means that it isn't my all time PR, but rather the fastest I've done that segment on that particular bike (and along w/ the new version we would need to be able to opt 'in' or 'out'...not everybody would want this). Also when you do get a new bike you'd want to turn it off for a year or so, otherwise every single segment would be a BPR for a while and it would be meaningless. Another part of that suggestion is to be able to have an age related PR, where-as I would get APR's based on how many years I say I set my APR for the last 5 years, or 3 years, or 2 years, whatever. This would at least let me know if I'm improving at all. Currently pretty much all my PR's have been set long ago and I will likely never see them again. Hope that all makes sense...everybody is getting older, and at some point in our lives we will stop getting faster no matter how hard we try. At that time the current PR's (and 2nds, 3rds) become pretty meaningless.

Mt. Kenya

Yes, I am 66 yrs and competing with younger age groups and not real competitive.  I am within realistic expectations to maybe hold a KOM for my age group.  Thats not a guarantee, but at least the playing field will be somewhat leveled.