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Status: Gathering Kudos

Enable #Club Events to be classified as more than Ride or Run events. I have created a #Club (iSwim4) where the #Sport is "Swimming". When I attempt to Add A Club Event; the mandatory field, "Event Type" only contains Run or Ride data elements.

I believe the #Event Type field should contain all or many of the values that exist in the Club Sport, in my case Swimming but in other cases, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Sailing, etc.

By not having this ability, it limits recruiting Strava athletes to join us in pool or open water swim events since the key field descriptors do not align with our #Club (Swimming) - again, it forces us to select Run or Ride and use a description filed to explain that we are really looking to have swimming as the event!

Mt. Kenya

I'd like to add a "Swim" Club Event to my STRAVA Club. The Event Type* dropdown menu currently only allows for "Ride" or "Run" events. Can this category be expanded to include other group/social sports that are growing in popularity?

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

I'd like to add a Walk/Walking Club Event to my STRAVA Club.

The dropdown menu in Event Type currently only allows for "Ride" or "Run" events but walking is something my club likes to do the most (some of our members are seniors so a "Walk" activity would be great, since Running is difficult for some of them)


Thanks for posting, @cmcswee!

We hear you, and we're looking into making improvements to club events. For anyone else who agrees with this suggestion, please add your kudos!

For now, though, please note that the event sport type does restrict the types of routes that can be selected for the event. Feel free to pick a walking route and use the event name and description to clarify to your members what they can expect, in the meantime. 

STRAVA | Support Team

Mt. Kenya

I totally agree - I also really need this functionality for the @bigeffortswim club 


Hello @ssmwzkt, thanks for posting—I wholeheartedly agree that event creation could use some improvements, and folks in the hub should kudo this thread in support! I'm glad you raised this here. 

That said, I know our team has plans for this work, though in the meanwhile, here are some tips:

  • The event sport type does not restrict the route types that can be selected; event creators can pick routes with sport types that do not match the current event sport types offered
  • The event name and description can be used to clarify the purpose of the event and what types of sports would be encouraged during the event
  • The club activity feed filters activities by the club's sport type, not the event sport type. If the club's sport type includes or reflects the sport for the event, members' activities from the event saved as that sport type should appear in the club's activity feed 

That workaround should at least help club communities gather in real life as they intend. If others have any other adaptive suggestions, it'd be great to hear them. Similarly, what else would be valuable to add to the event creation flow?

STRAVA | Support Team

Mt. Kenya

Upvoting this idea from Coach Lolo. Would be great to have this considering that it's possible to have a Club type Triathlon. @Bryant @varun 

Mt. Kenya

This is a great idea, would be VERY helpful for the walking group that I organise. 

Mt. Kenya

Adding kudos to this idea and also requesting that we be able to select 'Hike' for a group event as I'm running into the same problem for my hiking group.


Mt. Kenya

This would be a great addition 100% support the idea  

Mt. Kenya

I'm supportive as well!  Please allow all the sports supporters by Strava.  I'd personally love to see rowing! 

This feature makes Strava clubs way more useful!

Mt. Kenya

I also agree, I have set up a swim club on Strava but when creating an event the only 2 options are “run or ride”.

It would be great for Strava to add swimming, and all other activities like rowing, sailing etc or whatever the club sport may be. 

Strava, when do you think you would be putting this in place ? 

Mt. Kenya

Why does this even need an up vote? Fundamental functionality. But no. Jump through three hoops to include it on the development pathway.

Kill off the "terrain" and "level" fields until the matrix can be set up against the types, let people describe the level of the event in the description.

Instead of continuing this obvious limitation, put the event level modifiers on the development pathway and quickly add the far more useful functionality and have that upvoted if the community wants it.

Mt. Kenya

We don’t get triathlons but we get pickle ball.  FFS - come on strava.

Mt. Kenya

Yes! Please add "Walk" to the event type 🙏