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Under the iFit integration settings in iOS, there is the following text under disable: "Turn off enhancements for activities from this partner."

This suggests to me that I might be able to add elevation data to a treadmill run recorded on my watch, for instance.

Instead, I end up with 2 different activities uploaded to Strava (the other being from Garmin). Is it possible to have an iFit activity "enhance" an uploaded Garmin activity? Maybe it's only possible to enhance activities recorded directly in the Strava app?

Garmin records certain metrics that my treadmill does not, while the treadmill has more accurate distance and speed, as well as elevation gain and loss that my watch won't record at all. It would be great if Strava could at least fill in metrics that are missing from one source to the other, if not assert which are likely to be more accurate when the same metric differs between the two.

It would be very great if I could pick which source to use for each metric and save that for a workout type with the option to modify individual workouts should there be some difference compared to normal.

Mt. Kenya

I love partner integrations. It's wonderful that my Zwift rides can flow into Strava, same for C2 rowing sessions that were recorded with ErgData and uploaded first to Concept 2's Logbook.

There's one frustration that could be better -- managing duplicate activities. Garmin Connect, as much as possible, is my originator of data and my source of data capture. But, I curate and interact with my data much more on Strava. Strava is my curated source of truth. Garmin Connect was my first connection to Strava and remains the most important one.

I always want to record workouts on my Garmin watch or bike computer (as much as possible), and I want them to go to Garmin Connect AND Strava. This presents a problem where certain activities can show up twice in Strava:

Zwift activities, recorded on my Edge 1030 bike computer, and also in Zwift, load into Strava 2x -- once from Zwift and again from the Strava Garmin Connect integration. I prefer the Zwift data to be the one displayed on Strava, but I want the bike computer based data to go to Garmin because there are additional metrics (HRV, possibly other First Beat related) that only import to Garmin connect if the activity is sent directly from a Garmin device to Garmin Connect. 

C2 recorded Indoor Rowing activities similarly land twice on Strava. They are sent from the ErgData app to Concept 2's Logbook, and then from C2 to Strava via the Partner Integration. I prefer the C2 data on Strava because it most closely tracks my workout selected for the session. I don't have to rush to start rowing after starting my watch, or remember to immediately stop recording the moment a workout is completed. The ErgData recording is more tightly aligned with the workout than the watch recording. But again, I want to record the session on my Garmin watch also and send that version to Garmin Connect. Which then also automatically sends to Strava. I end up with 2 copies of the workout and need to delete one.

I'm envisioning / requesting an Activity based preference setting for partner integrations and social connections. That way I could indicate to Strava, "don't accept Virtual Rides from Garmin" and "don't accept Indoor Rowing Activities from Garmin Connect". In this way, the bulk of my activities (usually outdoors) would automatically flow from Garmin Connect in to Strava, but my Indoor Rides would not, by elective choice, because Zwift will send those over. And, Indoor Rows would not, because C2 will send those over.

In short, it would be very nice to have finer grained permissions in Partner Integrations and Social Connections that would allow setting allow/deny per Activity type.

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Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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​​Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

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Great idea - something I've also wanted, but never put into words here.  Beyond running on a treadmill, I can think of other activities where merging two source of data together to make a coherent single set of data on a Strava activity makes sense.

Mt. Kenya

I too would love to see Strava be able to merge data from two sources together. That would help make a subscription to Strava worthwhile. I also use Zwift a lot and want the distance, elevation, etc. of a virtual ride… but want the other data like L / R power recorded on my Garmin Edge.

Not going to lie, but often Strava feels like they take away features that you had when you signed up, only to make you pay for it as a subscriber. Why isn’t it more like adding more enhancements like the ability to merge profiles, to understand how to handle duplicate uploads. Create workouts and send them to my Garmin to do.

Mt. Kenya

It’s great that STRAVA picks up activities from partners like TrainerRoad and Garmin.  But it would be nice if it did not present them as separate entities.    It makes the year end stats junk.    


I have a similar issue with simultaneous data from my Concept2 rower with PM3 and my Garmin watch. I have not found a way to combine the two in a format Strava will accept. Even when I designate the rowing data as private (no auto push to Strava), add distance, and upload from Connect, Strava does not accept the file.

Mt. Kenya

This also applies to other apps and devices.  I get the same with Zepp.  All my efforts are duplicated and key information in ZEPP is not in the main activity.  I expected them to merge to give a better, more complete view.

Also, sometimes, one or other fails to record the whole activity, merging MAY fix this.

Mt. Kenya

I am using Apple Ultra watch with Strava, additionally using Wahoo ELEMNT, for cadence and cycling information. This creates multiple entries for the same activity. I have noticed posts dating back several years regarding this matter. Can this data be merged into one event rather than multiple entries for the same Activity..
This would solve a lot of queries and headaches for many users.