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Status: New Idea

This idea is an example of a well-written suggestion:

I think turn-by-turn directions with audio cues would be a useful addition to Strava because then I could ride without constantly having to stop to look at my phone. This is important to me because it would save a lot of time and be safer since I wouldn't be as distracted. An example of when I needed that was when I was following a new route and riding on a busy road I wasn't familiar with. I couldn't stop to check the route and it made me very nervous. 


As stated, this is an example post. If you want to vote on this idea, @Brendan created one that you can vote on here.


Totally agree! Also direction of the map (not always north) would be very helpfull.
Now I have to use another app such as Komoot to get a decent "riding experience".

Another great feature would be when the display turns dark after x seconds, but immediately lights up again when there is a change in direction (e.g. 100 metres before a turn). This would save a lot of battery power.


By the way, this exactly what all cyclists are asking for, it would immediately be the biggest improvement ever!


Er … looks like this is an example idea, but it’s exactly the feature I want. 


I’ve added an actual feature request for this feature here, upvote/comment there instead:

Mt. Kenya

I would fully replace Ride with GPS with this option added.  Completely endorsed by our cycling group and intriguing that it’s not an option.  We would pay up for this feature.  Much safer and compliments the benefits of Strava.