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Status: Gathering Kudos

The additional activities that STRAVA has added has significantly outpaced the options for gear.  Regardless of activity type, the only gear types that can be added to your profile are shoes and bicycles; while shoes are likely being worn for something like skateboarding, or rowing, that's not the primary equipment for that sport.

Gear types I'd like to see (at a minimum):

- board (skate, snow, paddle, surf, kite)

- rower (indoor, canoe, kayak, crew)

- skate (roller, inline, ice)

- Other (elliptical, stair-stepper, skis)

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Tuesday (Sept 13, 2022)

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

I would love to see snowshoes and Skiis too! A basic expansion of “shoes” gear option to be present in any foot activity/ beyond the running activity would allow an easy transition to start off a beta test for use of additional gear option use. 

Mt. Kenya

I second the snowshoes and skis options…that way I would know what type of skiing I was doing that day skate vs classic.

Mt. Kenya

I’d love to see fatbikes added to gear, as well as to type of cycling. Living in the north, we fatbike six months of the year and I’d like to be able to track my mileage for that.

i know I need to look up how to contact Strava directly. I just want to get other fatbikers to do the same. 

Mt. Kenya

Add the ability to add XC ski gear option to help track how many miles we put on a specific set of skis

Mt. Kenya

I support this idea

Mt. Kenya

I go quad skateing. On strava there is only one skateing catagory however skates can be very diffrent depending on type. A pair of speedskateing blades will be verry diffrent than a pair of artistic quads. In addition puttiong soft wheels on vs hard will change how your ride is. My suggestion is allow us to create more complex gear setups so i can track what i do on each seperately. For example letting me select model of boot + model of plate + type of bareing+ wheels.  In addition having diffrent preset gear setups that i can add to my activity to track ware items like bareings and wheels. This could also help me track mantanance. Could also be usefull for bike riders


Gear: add option to add skis, boards, boots. Would be cool to see mileage tracked in that stuff too. Might be cool for surfboards etc too. 

Mt. Kenya

Agreed! Would be helpful for informing ski maintenance.

Mt. Kenya

It is great that Strava have recently added other run-related sports to the activity types.

My suggestion is that users be able to add shoes/boots/cleats to the equipment list, and then this be enabled in the respective sport. You can't add them currently, although I have been doing this for ages under 'Run'.

I'd just like to be able to differentiate my activity type, as well as the boots used for that. This would help with getting an idea of when to replace them (as well as that they're actually already falling apart! 😅)



Mt. Kenya

Would love to see this change for skis. Gear should be an option for many more activities. 

Mt. Kenya

We should be able to add our ski models (models of alpine ski, Nordic ski, cross-country, etc) in our gear and equipment settings. As important as it is for our shoes, our skis require maintenance and/or replacement after riding them for some distance. Furthermore, it's different for each skiers depending of their use and experience. We need to be able to keep track. Thank you. 

Mt. Kenya

Please allow under gear an option to add skis.  Most of what I would say has been said above.......... 

Mt. Kenya

I would love to see this for inline and ice skating. This would help me to schedule maintenance (Flipping wheels, cleaning bearings and sharpening blades etc.)

Inline skating:
- Shoe model
- Frame model
- Wheel type (diameter and hardness)

Ice skating:
- Shoe model
- Blade model



Definitely need gear options for Snowshoe! Shoes/boots at the very least, but ideally also snowshoes themselves.

In the same vein, adding Spikes for Hiking/Walking/Running would be terrific as well, although I understand that would take more backend work.