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Status: Existing

My Activities page allows to view only commutes by ticking "Commute". However there is no option to view only non-commutes. And I believe that it's much more interesting, because everyday commutes effectively hide your outstanding weekend rides and hikes.

So, please add a way to view all your non-commute activities.

Status changed to: Existing
Moderator Moderator

Hey @cypok,

I'm going to mark this idea as Exist because we already have this feature within Strava.
If you view your training log, you'll have the option to toggle the filter "Show Commutes".

Below is an example:

Screen Shot 2023-11-01 at 4.59.03 PM.png

STRAVA | Community Hub Team


@Bryant , oh, and "Training log" is a paid feature. Ok.

Mt. Kenya

Could I add that it would be useful to add a feature specifically on the "My activities" page to exclude commutes? I find the sortable data table display on the "My activities" page fundamentally more useful than the graphical display on the "Training log" page. A large proportion of my rides are to and from work and I would find it much more useful to be able to exclude them rather than to exclude the workouts that I'd actually like to view.

Mt. Kenya

Agreed - it would be nice to have the ability to filter out commutes on the 'My activities' page. It would also be great to be able to filter them out from the homepage so I don't see everyone else's commutes too!