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Status: Gathering Kudos

Athlete height is a vital attribute that is missing in Strava data. It factors into BMI and would be a treasure trove of statistical data for users to enjoy, and researchers to leverage.

Does size matter? We track age, **bleep**, WEIGHT.. why not height???

I love seeing that I’m in the top 2% of peak times in a major metropolitan area, but how do my little 5’6” tree trunk legs stack up against the competition in that dimension? Am I the fastest stump jumper out there??? Am I getting smoked on the trails by slender free runners or is that wrestler really that fast?

Ranking athletes by weight without also tracing the dimension of height is effectively meaningless, for it prevents us from appreciating the BMI of our competitors.

And while peer reviewed studies have been done to show whether or not long legged individuals are faster cyclers or runners, imagine the vast resource pool you would create by adding that dimension to our profiles!

I’ve made this request to you years ago via email and it must have been missed, so here we have a public request…

Please add ‘athlete height’ as a shareable, and importantly rank-able, attribute.

and kindly…. don’t delay! I’m ready to drill down my data 🙂


To clarify what you mean: You want a new running and cycling segment ranking category filtered on athlete height ranges? And every time an user sets the height all their following efforts should use this value for this new ranking? And you would be prefer to see the exact weight and height of every user for BMI calculations?



Strava already allows athletes to filter rankings by weight, by gender, and by age. If they added the dimension of height we could then derive BMI if we wanted, but of particular interest to me and likely many more... we might learn from a vast amount of data if height, and consequentially leg length, factors into better outcomes in various activities.

The only thing I'd tune from your question, is that if users added their height, it should allow organizing ranking in that dimension by past activities as well as future activities. Just like when you build a new route, Strava takes the totality of all prior times there when establishing the rankings.


Ahh, I see what you mean about "exact" since currently weight is done by a range... well, exact would add precision to the BMI, but height by whole in or cm and weight by 5lbs or rounded kg would probably be sufficient.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

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