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Pico de Orizaba
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Hello Strava

If I am looking for a segment of, for example, 10 kilometers in a region with many segments, I will not be able to find it immediately because there are many other and many shorter segments visible.
This is also the case when I'm looking for descents. If you zoom in on a col, you will see many short segments, including segments such as "steepest part". Even when selecting the "U" (flat/downhill) category, segments of, for example, 15% uphill still appear. Not really flat or downhill.
If I now want to search for an excisting specific segment, I first select a short segment that is similar to the route I want to cycle.
Then, from the list of people who have ridden this segment, I select a person to look at their activity. In the hope that this is an activity where a large part corresponds to the route that I want to cycle.
If I have found such an activity, I can look at all segments that have been driven during this activity.
Often there is therefore the segment that I was looking for.

If there were more filter options for segment searches, the search would be much easier. Filters that can also be combined.
Think of filters such as;
Length from x km to x km
Minimum and maximum number of altimeters
Descent or climb
Average slope rate

For example, take a look at the Alpe d'Huez;
How many short segments "bent x to bent x" are there?
And even "La Marmotte 2011" a segment of 176km is in the list! This while I only zoomed in on the Alpe d'Huez.

Search for a segment from 10km to 15km, with a minimum of 1000 altimeters shall be much easier. 

Searching via the telephone app is much easier than via the web. But I don't make my routes on my phone.

Pico de Orizaba

Hello Strava,

In addition to the message I posted last year (Improve search Segment)

Gravel tours and mountain biking are becoming increasingly popular in my area (Eindhoven, NL) but of course also other regions. Naturally, these routes, which also contain segments, run almost entirely on unpaved roads.
If I want to search for a segment, I immediately see my environment with 10 segments. 4 of these walk criss-cross through the forest.
Segments which I will never cycle on my road bike and which I am therefore not interested in at all.

If all other selectable sports were to include the options "Road", "MTB" and "Gravel" instead of just "Cycling ride" (for combined rides), this would possibly be easy to filter.

A filter to search for segments for paved/unpaved roads or combined roads would also be useful.
Combined roads like many climbs in, for example, the Alps. They still continue despite the fact that they are no longer paved. Would you therefore also have a filter to search for segments that are both paved and unpaved?

Mt. Kenya

I use strava almost entirely for looking for segments and then trying to take the segments during speed work. It has helped me immensely in my speed work and I believe it has helped me lower my marathon times by 5-6 minutes so that I am now sub 2:50 at age 50. But for some reason, they have really messed up the search engine on it lately. I used to be able to look up the segments around me online but now it will randomly have segments three people have run and not have segments 2000 people have run. And you can't find those segments now at all. Unless you know about certain segments or look up EVERY segment in a city, the segment search is almost useless. Strava, please get this fixed or at least go back to where I could find them a lot easier on a map search. I am a premium member, and this is 100% making me reconsider that. 

Mt. Kenya

I think the Strava map should allow people to filter segments by the total number of people who have attempted it. I love looking up segments and want to see all segments, even the ones that have only been attempted by one person. However, there are times when I would like to filter the map by the most popular segments in a given area. For instance, when I'm traveling, I would like to filter segments to only those that have been attempted by at least 100 people. By doing so, Strava would help direct me to the most popular running spots in a new location. It would also help me decide which segments are the most prestigious or competitive in my current city. Ultimately, I think adding this filter would achieve the best of both worlds where people still get the option to see all segments while having the ability to narrow down their search to the best segments too.