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Status: Gathering Kudos

Strava lets you set up multiple bikes so that you can easily track the mileage accumulated on components, but there isn’t a solution for the scenario where you have one bike, and multiple wheelsets. For example, when you have a gravel bike with 700c, and 650b wheelsets.

I would love to be able to:

  • Set up multiple wheelsets in the Gear section in Strava and give each one a short name
  • Assign a default wheelset to a specific bike
  • Be able to manually select which wheelset was in use for a ride activity (see example UI)

This would help me accurately track the wear and tear on my different wheels and their components: tyres, disc brake rotors, cassettes; hubs, spokes, rims. This is particularly important for gravel and mountain bike wheel sets where parts wear much more quickly. That said, the request is also applicable for folks who ride road bikes, because more and more, they have multiple wheelsets as well.

I currently have a gravel bike with a 700c wheelset with 40mm tyres, and a 650b wheelset with 2.4" tyres, and I'm constantly switching between the two, depending on what ride I'm doing. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and we have a lot of terrain options for gravel biking. Being able to track which wheelset I'm using for which rides, would be so helpful!


Mt. Kenya

I am all for this functionality as well.  As a mountain biker - I even have different forks that I'll swap around on the bike.  So being able to swap an individual component....say just a front one with a SON28 that you only use while bike packing but ride the bike for day fun rides too with a different front wheel.  I swap around chain rings as well.  And then what about single speed riders?  Swapping cogs based on where the ride is would be helpful too instead of having to retire a cog each time you pull it off and then add it back as "new" and some how manually keeping track of total accumulated miles after each "retirement" of the cog? 


Mt. Kenya

Great idea. For me personally it would be very useful to track the mileage of tires.

It would be most convenient to select the additional gear for a bicycle (which is currently being used on that bike). It could be wheels, tires or other components depending on user's needs. In that case the miles of the specific activity would be reflected on the main gear (a bicycle) and at the same time on the additional gear, which is currently selected for the main gear.

Mt. Kenya

When we have to change shoes, the app lets you add a new one, but in the case of those of us who practice cycling, when we change the wheels of the bike, we cannot add them. It would be ideal to keep track of the kilometers we do with them and be able to change them when appropriate.