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Mt. Kenya
Status: Archived

Please add motocross/dirt biking as an activity! 

Status changed to: Archived

Hey @Juliette11,

Thank you for your suggestion to add motocross/dirtbike as a Sport Type. Your idea has been submitted to the team. Right now, we aren't exploring the possibility to add motorized sports on Strava. In the meantime, we invite you to explore the available sports types on our platform (more than 40 and counting). Thank you for being part of our community and we look forward to seeing you on Strava!

Mt. Kenya

Is there a reason? Motorcross and Hard Enduro are very intensive sports giving you a full body workout…

Mt. Kenya

I agree as well as many others that are Strava members. If you don’t want it associated to Strava, keep it in a separate area of Strava for users to use. We pay a lot for this service for you to not have our event in here. Motocross and hard enduro are intense and demanding sports. 

Mt. Kenya

@Soren I hope Strava looks at reconsidering adding motorized sports such as motocross and enduro riding. It’s very demanding and I know it would help clean up data on Strava. Many people use the bicycle/e-bike option to track their rides, which isn’t fair for people who ride their pedal bikes in these same areas to be able to track their achievements and data. There are different ways to track rides on a motorcycle and it would be amazing to tie that into Strava, avoiding another subscription. 
Many people in the motocross world are already members of Strava, we would love to see our sport added to your 40+ list of options! 😊👍🏽

Mt. Kenya

Please reconsider motocross! Have your product dev team do a little discovery please! I end up using HIIT and it logs 2 hour workouts with an average hr of 132 and max near 170. With a little discovery you’ll find it’s very physically demanding; and you’ve already added eMTB so saying you don’t do motorized vehicles isn’t quite accurate. Do some user interviews!

Mt. Kenya

+1 a lot of us do multiple sports and would benefit from centralizing them all on Strava.

"Right now, we aren't exploring the possibility to add motorized sports on Strava"

But there's eBikes already? 🤔

Mt. Kenya

You absolutely need to add a dirt bike option. Soooo many dirt bikers share the trails in the West. We are avid mountain bikers, dirt bikers and are starting to do e-mountain bikes as the ranges increase. The trails are often the same, so you are just adding a vehicle option to separate stats. That shouldn't be hard. Thx. 

Mt. Kenya

Rates for Strava are going up and Strava continues to fail a large market - dirt bike riders.  The ideological statement of not entertaining motor sports is laughable. Why, because you're supporting e-bikes which....wait for it...has a **bleep** motor in it.

I love Strava and I share all of my activities, as a paid user, with friends via Strava.  But, you fail to meet your customers where they are in their sports journeys.  Don't listen to customers?  You're losing this customer as an annual paid member.

This is a simple technical fix, but the ideological stance is hurting your ability to conduct business.

Mt. Kenya

Please, add dirt bike, motocross, enduro, trail bikes.

Because these sports are motorized, it doesn't mean they don't tire or train the entire body. I ride a bike and I can say that a motorcycle trail is much more intense on the body than a simple bike ride.

Mt. Kenya

Please add motorbikes to the forum.  A person exerts just as much on a motorbike as an e-bike…. This makes no sense as of why you would have one but not the other… A motorbike has a motor.

Mt. Kenya

I'd like to point out... I am using Strava to track my dirt-bike rides....because it's good, because I uses Strava for downhill and backcountry skiing, because I'm connected to friends.

Since you don't have a category for Dirt Bikes, I just throw them under E-mountain-bike, because, well... whatever. I have my KTM 300XC listed as a bike, weighing 150 lbs, since 151lbs is the max.

I am explaining this, because *not* including moto categories is doing nothing to stop us from using strava... all it's doing is polluting your data about other categories we pick in the dropdown with bogus trail completion speeds, wattage, etc, etc.

If you wish to keep your platform visibly focus on athletics... I recommend, at the very least, you add a category for "Other (motorozed)" so that when we inevitably track with strava, we don't screw up all your athletics data.



I agree. People are recording dirt bike rides anyway, they are just doing it as a different type, like E-bike.

Mt. Kenya

Not looking into a motorized option is upsetting to standard users as much as moto users. Why won’t they give the people what they want

Mt. Kenya

Found this thread on a google search to track new to me dirt biking. As a Strava user for biking/hiking/etc - it’s crazy not to have dirt biking on this app. Especially with the crossover from current users in other common Strava activities. Forcing us to track rides as other activities is going to skew data. This is surely an easy app update seeing as you have added e-bikes and ot opens your product to a wide new market of people to sell to (seeing as that has been your biggest priority in the last few years). 

Mt. Kenya

Until Strava decides to implement this I've been recording my activities on Trailforks. They have moto and MTB on a single platform. Not what we really want, but a decent workaround for now.