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Granular permissions for Activities and which Followers (esp being able to exclude some followers)

Right now we can make an activity 'private', 'followers only' or 'everyone'.

I'd like to see more granular permissions for the "followers" category, where we can further break that down into groups we create - and even have a group where we can add users we want to exclude.

Basically, the same way Facebook lets you decide who can see your posts, so for example, be able to do something like "All followers except those on the exclude list"


There are many reasons why someone might want to do this, perhaps they are training for something very competitive and don't want ALL their workouts shown to their followers. Or perhaps they are working out on their lunch break but it could get misunderstood that they are skipping work for a workout and don't want their work colleagues seeing those workouts, or a myriad of other reasons.

This is different from outright blocking a follower. It would only hide certain activities from those excluded or not part of the default groups you create.



Mt. Kenya

This would be awesome, if we can also hide maps from those groups with limited access that would also be a good case for this.

Mt. Kenya

Agree with this, I would re-subscribe and use strava way more without having to deal with certain people on it. Specifically co-workers or and specific friends.

Mt. Kenya

Why can't strava have a feature to hide activity from certain people? I think even if this feature will require subscription, a lot of people will pay for it. 

Mt. Kenya

This is a much needed feature and it's a shame if Strava doesn't have this feature yet!

Mt. Kenya

I made the mistake of allowing my boss to follow me on Strava.  I am now considering cancelling my subscription unless this functionality is added.  I need to workout when I need to and I don't need questions from my work about it.

Mt. Kenya

@A-LoI agree with you, I deal with similar things. I also pay a subscription and therefore expect privacy settings as a matter of course!