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Status: Gathering Kudos

Granular permissions for Activities and which Followers (esp being able to exclude some followers)

Right now we can make an activity 'private', 'followers only' or 'everyone'.

I'd like to see more granular permissions for the "followers" category, where we can further break that down into groups we create - and even have a group where we can add users we want to exclude.

Basically, the same way Facebook lets you decide who can see your posts, so for example, be able to do something like "All followers except those on the exclude list"


There are many reasons why someone might want to do this, perhaps they are training for something very competitive and don't want ALL their workouts shown to their followers. Or perhaps they are working out on their lunch break but it could get misunderstood that they are skipping work for a workout and don't want their work colleagues seeing those workouts, or a myriad of other reasons.

This is different from outright blocking a follower. It would only hide certain activities from those excluded or not part of the default groups you create.



Mt. Kenya

Similar to Facebook's Custom Friends Lists which then allow you to publish posts to only say your school friends but not your work friends, we need some form of sub-dividing followers.  Strava is now a place where I am connected to fellow cyclists, friends, and coworkers, and there are instances (for example when I take my lunch break to go on a quick ride) where I might not want a bike ride in the middle of the workday visible to my coworkers, but I would want it visible to friends and fellow cyclists.  Please take a look at Facebooks functionality to only choose certain custom lists or to EXCLUDE certain friend lists from a certain post.  We need the same exact thing here.

Mt. Kenya

A cool feature might be to be able to share activities only with clubs or only with certain clubs. Up to now it has only been possible not to release activities, only to release them for followers or for all Strava users. Releasing activities only to certain clubs would have the benefit of being able to share your activities with your friends and coaches, but leaving your competition out of the loop. In this way, Strava would become a great tool for collaboration between athletes, coaches and training groups beyond its previous functions.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Mt. Kenya

Similar to how Instagram and Facebook allow users to select groups of people (excluding others) that can see certain posts, it would be great for Strava to add a feature where you can select who can or can't see certain activities from within your Followers group. There are cases where ppl may not want race competitors to see their latest workouts or indicators of fitness level. Or ppl might not want work colleagues seeing mid-day workouts. But we want to keep them as Followers still.

As of now the "Everyone" (on Strava), "Followers," and "Only You" doesn't allow that selectivity. 

Suggest adding a "Close Friends" or "Teammates" only option for activity viewing.


It would be good if you could group followers into catgeories


  • work
  • colleagues
  • event
  • run club
  • actual friends 😉
  • etc

As well as trying to remember who someone is it also opens the possibility to decide which groups can see which data in the privacy settings.


Agreed, some way to "tag" or "flag" and subsequently group or filter followed accounts would be nice. Maybe also have that assigned tag show up next to their name when showing one of their activities in my feed?

Mt. Kenya

In the map visibility settings it gives you the option of hiding specific start and end points on your activity maps, then also hiding the map for everyone.

It would be good to see the option to hide the activity map for anyone you are NOT following. Only showing the map to people I follow could imply an element of trust.

Pico de Orizaba

I would love to see this, especially if we could filter the home screen to only see activities from certain groups.

Sometimes I want to see all the global athletes I follow, sometimes I want to see the local athletes I follow, and sometimes I just want to see my friends. 

Mt. Kenya


similar to Instagram close friends. would be very useful for me for the reasons listed above.

Mt. Kenya

This would be really helpful and promote further engagement with activities that are hidden from some followers (but not all) vs. only uploading as a private activity.

Mt. Kenya

This feature would be very helpful. 

Mt. Kenya

I know you can select followers only to view but you should be able to select only certain people from your followers to view. eg, i would only want my coach and dad to view my activities, but if i select 'followers only' then all my followers would be able to view 


If you only want 2 people to view your activities, why do you allow anyone else to follow you? There's no point of having followers if they aren't allowed to see your activities.  

Mt. Kenya

Because i make races public but dont want training to be public


It would be nice to be able to choose a handfull amount of Strava users to see your activities. For example, right now there is no option in between showing all of your activities to everyone, or only to yourself. Maybe you only want to your closest followers to see your trainings but others to also se your competition results. Also for more competitive users, they can by this setting choose to only show their activities to his coaches and results to all others. For example, Elias Kipchoge could be able to load all of his trainings on Strava, but only have the option to show them to his coaches (or what people he choose to show), while them can show his 1:59 marathon to all others on Strava. With the settings right now he is only able to show activities to EVERYONE OR ONLY HIMSELF, nothing in between.

please feel free to comment if you have any questions.