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Mt. Kenya
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Same way like I may not want to reveal the exact start & finish location of my activity (existing feature), I may not want to publish my activity immediately, so that I don't reveal my current location before I consciously want to do so.

The scenario: I live in Poland. I went to Italy for a week. I want to record some running activities. I don't want to publish the information that I'm not at home before I come back. I want to save the activities "for later" and have a control over when they are published. That way, I don't make it publicly known that there is nobody at my house at the moment.


Before the trip: WebApp->Settings->Privacy controls->Activities->Who can see=only you.
Upon return, change the above back. Then go to each of the Italian activities, and change visibility there.


Mt. Kenya

Thank you! I didn't know that it could be done that way.


Status changed to: Existing
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Hi @pgorak 

Thanks for posting about this.  I'm so glad @helg was able to help out.  Thank you @helg !

I would encourage you to check out all options for activity privacy controls here.

Additionally, you might want to visit our privacy center for comprehensive information on all your privacy controls and settings on Strava.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team