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Mt. Kenya
Status: Gathering Kudos

I would love to be able to add different distances to Best Efforts, so that as my running improves I can compare the distance I am currently at.  Would be great to see 5 miles, 7 miles etc rather than just 5K, 10K.  

Status changed to: New Idea
Moderator Moderator

Hey @agenthcs,

This idea sounds very similar to our All-Time PR feature.
Have you tried using All-Time PR?

If your idea is different than All-Time PR, could you provide more details on your idea? We kindly ask that you review our Ideas guidelines, particularly the “What makes a good idea” section, to ensure that your ideas are clear, concise, and can reach as many others as possible.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

The All-time PR still has the same pre-set distances as Best Efforts.  I want to compare 4 mile runs or 5 mile runs etc, distances that are not 2 miles or 5k or 10k etc

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Moderator Moderator

Hello @agenthcs 

Thanks for providing more information.  

Your idea has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

The idea title was edited so it will be easier for others to search and vote on. Thank you for your contribution

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Could we add 5 mile distance to PRs and Best efforts?


and also some love for the longer distances 

  • 50 mi
  • 100 km
  • 100 mi