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Status: Gathering Kudos

Display who created a segment and include a means to contact them or a discussion feature within the segment page that notifies them of someone trying to contact them.  Segments are frequently created with poor GPS data, poor start/stop points, or duplicating segments already available.  Allowing a means to contact the creator, either directly or through a proxy, will allow others to provide feedback to improve the segments and reduce duplication where possible.  Many times, the creator could make a small adjustment to the start or stop points of a segment to resolve issues, but instead, since there is no way to find who created it, someone ends up making a duplicate.  This just clutters to database over time.  There is one segment in my area that has 7 separate segments created for it, all with only very minor differences.  When one person sets a new KOM, the previous holder gets 7 notifications.  This is ridiculous and unnecessary.  Strava techs refuse to help clean up the database, yet they don't provide users with any tools to do so themselves.   Another solution would be to name local moderators who have some ability to edit segments or contact the creators so it isn't just open source to everyone else if privacy is the concern.  


@anchskier wrote:

Strava techs refuse to help clean up the database, yet they don't provide users with any tools to do so themselves.   Another solution would be to name local moderators who have some ability to edit segments or contact the creators so it isn't just open source to everyone else if privacy is the concern.  

I do think privacy is a concern, but I really like your idea of creating some tools for users to better clean up segments and/or have local moderators. Those local moderators could be set for a small geographic region, and they would probably do it for free. I would take a 10 mile area around my house 🤠

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I agree that there is quite a bit of Segment duplication and some poorly created Segments, for example, with GPS anomalies or starting before a junction (or finishing after a junction), which makes it too easy for users to "cheat" by not covering the full Segment distance.  However, as someone who has created a lot of Segments (hopefully with sufficient care), I wouldn't really want to be hassled by other users who want adjustments that might give them a better leaderboard position.  Some communication with the Segment creator could be helpful but to protect privacy it might be better to do this anonymously.

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I think something along these lines is needed. I am one of the trail stewards for a local park and sometimes trail sections are closed or rerouted. Sometimes people make new trails by riding down a hillside and then create a segment for it. We go in and remove the trails, but the segment still exists with no way to remove it. This draws unnecessary attention to the old route and can cause extra work for us if people attempt to re-open it. At the very least there should be a feature to archive old segments that are no longer relevant due to trail changes. This could be done either by contacting the creator, or with a voting system (some min number of votes to archive). I would also be in favor of local admins, but at least for mountain biking they should be people involved with the trails somehow.

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I agree there needs to be a way to modify a segment.  TrailForks has a great system with user submissions, regional and local admins.  For Strava... it's First come First create... and it may not be right.  If a user creates a segment then stops using Strava... everyone is stuck with it.  A timeout waiting period could be used to request a change... and if a set time has passed... a group vote could change the segment.  Maybe even hand over the segment "admin" to an active user who frequently uses the segment.

The segment database is becoming a hot mess.

  • Good segments are often hidden by default
  • Bad ones stay visible
  • Naming is dreadful, with "sponsors" often included in custom made names (like website URLs...)
  • Questionable segment pertinence (who cares about a random 500m stretch in a 5km climb?)

I understand how strava support might not be able to keep up with all the segments created. But something needs to be done, maybe implement a segment rating? Or have locals apply for moderator/curator status, to be able to "clean up" an area.


There is already a thread on this idea.  Please consider adding your comments/kudos to that thread to help reinforce the need.  Segment creator and discussion - Strava Community Hub

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I would also be in favor of having a local admins from among Strava paid subscribers. I'm in Sonoma CA and the first created segment for the full Cavedale Rd. climb is not only poorly titled but the start and end points are not logical. The beginning is on Hwy12 before turning onto Cavedale Rd. and the end is about 20 meters into the downhill. Most riders stop at the crest (aka the green's a 30 minute plus climb) either to rest or wait for slower riders in a group. 
I've sent a message about this to Strava support but it's been ignored. 


hey @Chasmo99 thanks for commenting on the topic of segment quality and the suggestions outlined in this idea, we really appreciate hearing from long-time members such as yourself. I looked up your account and the most recent ticket sent to our support team that I'm seeing is from a few years ago and isn't related to the segment you mentioned. Do you have a ticket number so we can look into this? 

Mt. Kenya

Completely agree with this initiative!!!

We need this ASAP!!!

Mt. Kenya

After 2 years, this is still an issue!? This is urgent and not too hard to fix. Give people access to the creator or make local editors who can improve the existing segments or remove duplicates.

Mt. Kenya

Since many users use segments, I suggest that the name of the person who created the segment along with the time of creation be shown in the segment. Similar to this, in the case of applications where the user has the possibility to add a new location, for example, the application Swarm, which shows other users, the user who added the desired location along with its date.

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Hello @Saeedagn 

Thanks for your post. I understand you are asking for the segment creator, and date of creation to be made public for segments. Can you provide more details on the reasoning behind this suggestion, and the benefits implementing this would provide to the Strava Community? 

Thank you.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


@Jane - There are multiple other posts also requesting this with a lot of obvious justification.  Please reference those posts.  Here are a couple of them for quick reference:

Segment creator and discussion - Strava Community Hub

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