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Status: Gathering Kudos

I’m probably not the first suggesting this, but it would be so great if it was possible to distinguish between running and running with a stroller. This also goes for other sports like riding with a bike trailer, skiing with a sled and hiking with a baby carrier. Maybe it could be solved with a simple box where you could check of for carried weight to an activity? That would make it possible also to mark runs with weight vests, hikes with heavy backpacks and so on. The main aim for this application should be that activities with added weight don’t mess up your stats, and it would also be nice to be able to compare stroller runs etc. As a new parent it can be challenging to priorities the time to work out, so a little motivation boost from Strava would be highly appreciated 🙂

Mt. Kenya

Any update on this one? I would love it too! 😀

Mt. Kenya

Would love to see a stroller run category as it’s own distinct category! It’s still different than a weighted run because 1.) there is probably a lot more stopping, strategy, and frustration to overcome to accomplish a stroller one thanks to the baby/kid in the stroller and 2.) how cool would it be to be able to go back and see how many miles you logged with the kiddo! What a fun stat to know. 

Mt. Kenya

Hi, hopefully this is the right place! I just started running with my 8 month old in a pram and was surprised to find there wasn't a way to tag a run as a pram run, as you would trail run/race/commute. There must be lots of other people out there who might like this option? 

Mt. Kenya

Allow user to add encumbrance, in kg, to run, ride, hike, etc. This would add to the predicted calories of the activity 

Mt. Kenya

@Jane and @Bryant - thank you both for taking the time to moderate this forum. Are you able to give any feedback from Strava on the suggestions made in "Ideas"?  

It would be great to know if Strava have plans to incorporate any of the suggestions.  Selfishly I'm eager to know if the suggestions around "stroller runs" is in the pipeline.  This topic is over a year old, and gaining interest; also although it's an unofficial forum, the Strava Reddit page has similar requests dating back 3 years.  

This is a very popular feature request! 

Moderator Moderator

Hello @Frank_C 

Thanks for your interest in this suggestion!  

We don't have an update to share at this time, however please know that your feedback has been reviewed and we will provide updates as they become available.  


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Yes! I'd love to see a box with "additional weight carried during activity" where you can add your backpack or water bladder (run/hike/ride) so the app calculates effort accordingly.

Mt. Kenya

100% agree that Buggy run or Stroller run should be an option.

I would also love to see canicorss as an option.

I either run really slow with a buggy or really fast with a dog pulling; neither of which are my true pace. 

Mt. Kenya

Yes please, comparing buggy runs would be nice

Mt. Kenya

Come on Strava @Jane ;


Why is there still zero movement on this. There’s plenty of other sporting activities including online skating, skateboarding & a whole host of cycling options but nothing for those of use who spend a lot of our sporting time (and the extra effort that this type of running requires) with no option to have this recognised to be able to track pace/fitness/progress improvements switching from solo to buggy running means there’s no consistency. It’s incredibly frustrating as a runner who continue to peruse their sport after having kids. It feels like runners needs are second to those who enjoy skateboarding or table tennis as their leisure activities. Please sort this out. Thank you 


I would prefer it to be a type of gear (something like "Child Ride Accessory"), similar to Shoes or a Bike, that one could have various instances/models of and could be tagged to an activity alongside the Shoes or Bike. This would, for example, allow me to track miles run with a particular running stroller over the lifetime of the equipment.


Adding to my comment earlier: I see two other possibilities for adding stroller runs that make use of existing functionality. It could be type of run (like "Workout" or "Long Run" in the same dropdown menu), or an additional tag (similar to "Commute" or "Treadmill").

Mt. Kenya

Maybe someday this will happen.  I'm running or biking with my 11 year old who is 70 lbs and we have a wike special needs trailer to accommodate him for this activity.  I would like some credit for the extra effort I am putting into this 🙂 

Mt. Kenya

Hi team,

I would like to suggest an option for sports where calories area calculated/estimated: being able to include "additional weight carried" for activities, on top of your usual body weight or bike weight.

Why? Because sometimes we are enjoying sports with the bare minimum to fly on the track, and other times we wear a backpack, maybe a weighted jacket, or we carry an extra water bottle/bladder. This extra carried weight usually ranges from a couple of kilograms/pounds, to 15+ kg (33+ lbs) backpack for long multi-day hikes, sometimes more. Even if the "calories" calculation is only an estimation, I always have a curious look to ballpark the energy cost and compare my activities. And it is a fact that people doing sport not only for pleasure but also with a weight loss or health goal would enjoy a better "energy dissipated" outlook to balance their lifestyle accordingly.

When and where? At least for the following activities and their sub categories: walk, run, bike ride. Probably others but I will let the community choose since I have not been practicing every other sports.

How? I would imagine an extra field named "extra weight carried for this activity" at the bottom of the screen where you can already select your shoes and how the activity felt. Perhaps an option is the personal settings to "toggle extra weight during activities" can be relevant so it only shows for people who want it to be shown.

Thanks for reading, feedback welcome 🙂