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Status: Gathering Kudos

I’m probably not the first suggesting this, but it would be so great if it was possible to distinguish between running and running with a stroller. This also goes for other sports like riding with a bike trailer, skiing with a sled and hiking with a baby carrier. Maybe it could be solved with a simple box where you could check of for carried weight to an activity? That would make it possible also to mark runs with weight vests, hikes with heavy backpacks and so on. The main aim for this application should be that activities with added weight don’t mess up your stats, and it would also be nice to be able to compare stroller runs etc. As a new parent it can be challenging to priorities the time to work out, so a little motivation boost from Strava would be highly appreciated 🙂

Mt. Kenya

Nice one. ATM, I have added an extra bike to my equipment that’s heavier than the one I’m riding plus the additional weight (bags, child seat etc). This one works as a workaround but your idea is much better as I would  need to create an extra bike for every additional equipment. 

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Mt. Kenya

I completely agree that a box to check to tag an activity as being done with a stroller/trailer/extra weight would be the ideal solution. My workaround has been coming up my own tags that I leave in the comments of the activity, then I can search those tags in the "My Activities" page, export to excel then total them up. A bit more manual than ideal, but I think it keeps things relatively accurate. (DBSD here is Double Booty Stroller Duty for running with both of my girls 🙂



Mt. Kenya

Dear Strava - why is it I can’t log my activity as a buggy run?? Yesterday I did this 7 months after giving birth, between breastfeeds, pushing 8kg of baby, on next to no sleep…

When E-Bike ride, SUP and snowshoeing are options, surely we can do better for all the parents deserving of kudos out there?


Mt. Kenya

I very strongly agree.

This is also interesting for those who follow their performance stats as this can explain a significant drop most of the time

Mt. Kenya

It would be wonderful if for hiking and other sports we could record the weight we carry in a backpack, etc.  ---and have it calculate the resulting additional calories burned and effort.

Mt. Kenya

Hey, guys, many sportive parents like making long walks/hikes while carrying their babies in slings, carriers, etc. As this can be pretty exhausting because of the extra weight, can you please consider including a new activity type, this would be great. Thank U! 

Mt. Kenya

Good morning, I have a huge request to introduce a new activity to Strava - a bike with a trailer for a child. A lot of people ride a bike in this way, these are rather estimated shorter distances, but they are covered with a much greater load (because the cart is pulled), so this category should have been available in Strava a long time ago in my opinion. So please add it in the next update.

Mt. Kenya

I second this suggestion!  Would love to have a way to categorize the stroller jogs separately from my other runs.

Mt. Kenya

I came here to post exactly the same thing.  As a new "buggy" runner, it would be very welcome to be able to tag my runs / or assign the buggy as 'gear'.   It's clear from my stats that I'm running slower with this increased weight; not being able to detail what might be an actual decline in performance a natural impact from added weight is a failing with Strava currently.  

The inability to define when a run is affected by added weight (buggy & child / weight belt / Burgan etc) completely undermines Strava's performance metrics and analysis.  

Mt. Kenya

Dear Strava,


Issue: the addition of the option to annotate a stroller/push chair either in addition to a run/walk or as a standalone activity has multiple benefits to a wide range of current and future Strava users and to your business. You are requested to consider adding it to your platform.


Recommendations: you are invited to note that:


A. The inclusion of a ‘running with stroller’ sport option broadens the visibility and the utility of the platform.


B. The ability to use your excellent route tool to select routes used often by other stroller pushers will inform safe walking and running route selection, noting that running and stroller running have different surface/terrain/sidewalk needs (eg a narrow sidewalk is fine for running alone but potentially hazardous for a stroller).


C. From a philanthropic point of view, making this change would assist those on, or returning from, parental leave who are often in need of support and motivation to restart exercise with the presence of new children.


D. Promotion of the platform through parent groups (online and in person) is an inevitable by-product of the above points (as is early indoctrination in to sport for the child being pushed in the stroller) which can only help Strava’s bottom line.


There are probably many other reasons, but these should be enough. I mean…Pickleball is a Strava sport, which caters for the full range of ages. I’m sure it is awesome, but with so many runners and walkers out there using strollers, why not cater for parents too?


Thanks a lot 🙂


Mt. Kenya

I agree with Ane.

It would be nice to be able to choose “Running with stroller” as activity type.

Run with a stroller is different and for the people it is important know when you run “free” or with something to push.

Mt. Kenya

Weighted walking and running would be really useful. So when it looks like my 5km run speed has significantly dropped it doesn't look like I'm really rubbish. Just pushing an extra 10kg. Surely this would be good for people training as well. So not an extra sport to add, bit an extra box to tick to say it's weighted. 

Mt. Kenya

I 10,000% support this idea. Pushing 50lbs while running is a lot different than just going out for a run and I’d like to see it properly translated within Strava. 

Mt. Kenya

Lets make this happen. Adding weight is a good idea I now run with a double buggy.

The first time you use the activity type you could have a link to running with a Buggy guidance. E.g. 6+ months in a specialist Buggy /Stroller. Etc.