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Status: Gathering Kudos

Please add turn by turn audio directions so we don’t have to always be looking at our phone while on an activity. I’d personally use this for cycling but I imagine it’s useful for many other activities as well. 


  • If you need to save battery you could turn your phone screen off and navigate purely by the audio directions. (For activities where you may be watching the app mid-activity, like cycling)
  • Saves you from the disruption of pulling out your phone for directions mid-activity. Stay in your flow!
  • Not having to look at your phone in a busy area is safer, especially on a bike.
  • Completes Strava as a navigation app, meaning less need for other devices, and people are more likely to subscribe for Strava Premium. 
Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Mt. Kenya

Please add turn by turn directions for Wahoo devices. This is the main reason I use other apps and not strava year round. 

Mt. Kenya

@Soren just to be clear, my post was about turn directions on GPS devices. The above poster is asking about audio directions via phone. That seems like related but different features. 


Yes, my request is purely for functionality within the Strava app, with no other navigation/recording devices connected.

Mt. Kenya

Worth the cost of premium service and more if this was added.  Everyone shares the same sentiment in our cycling community.  Strava would triple their subs if this was available.  

Mt. Kenya

Upvote!! I use RideWithGPS for this feature....and pay ~$60/yr for it..


This is a good idea for the Strava phone app(s)

I often plan routes and download them. Especially when on a touring holiday. Having the app pipe up with directions when approaching a junction would be extremely useful.

Mt. Kenya

Absolutely. This would be great. Although I use my Garmin device for navigating while cycling, the biggest win for me would be when routes can be navigated while running. Preferably even using my Apple Watch, but I can imagine having navigation on the Strava phone app is a prerequisite before that can happen.

Right now I'm using Workoutdoors to navigate my Strava routes as a premium subscribed. Although I'm happy with what Workoutdoors has to offer for the one time payment of just 6 euros, it would be so much easier to do all that in the Strava app without the effort of exporting/importing GPX files all the time. I might add an idea for specifically that part later.