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Status: Gathering Kudos

I think that Strava should consider adding the feature of reels to their platform to enhance user engagement and make workouts even more exciting. By incorporating reels, users can share dynamic snippets of their activities, showcasing their achievements, routes, and moments of triumph. This feature could foster a stronger sense of community as athletes celebrate each other's accomplishments in a visually captivating way. Additionally, reels would provide an avenue for users to share training tips, motivational messages, and entertaining content, making the Strava experience both cool and fun. Integrating reels would not only keep users engaged with the platform but also attract new members looking for a dynamic and interactive fitness community. Thanks for considering this. Have a great Tuesday


Users can already add video clips to their activities.  Personally, I really don't want to see random video clips (reels type things) fed to me in my main feed.  It's bad enough with the forced "activity from a year ago" and "Your Weekly Snapshot".  When I look at my feed, I want to see my activities and those of the people I follow, that's it.  This isn't meant to be another Facebook or Twitter, it is an activity tracking app.  I already see video clips people post to their activities, I don't need then fed to me separately.


I understand your perspective, and you raise valid points about wanting to maintain the purity of the activity tracking experience on Strava. While users can already add video clips to their activities, the introduction of reels would offer a more curated and engaging way to share highlights of workouts and connect with the community. However, I recognize the importance of preserving the core functionality of Strava as an activity tracking app. Perhaps, to address concerns about cluttering the main feed, Strava could implement reels as an optional feature that users can choose to engage with or ignore. This way, those who prefer a streamlined feed focused solely on activities can continue to enjoy the platform without interruption, while others can explore the added dimension of reels for a more interactive experience. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance user engagement and foster a stronger sense of community while respecting the preferences of all users.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Is there a way to down vote this? Lol

Given the most recent developments from Strava I wouldn’t be surprised if this is added before any of the other requests we are making in threads with a ton of support..