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Feedback & Idea Submission


Strava is a global community with millions of members. Each one of you has valuable feedback on how to improve Strava. We love hearing from you and will do what we can to surface hot topics and trends to our product teams. Our roadmaps and team resources are set far in advance, as such, our ability to accommodate feedback is constrained. There are many more of you than there are of us so we can only take the best and most popular ideas for initial consideration, so make them the best they can be by:

1. Following these guidelines

2. Voting on your favorites to increase their popularity

Ideally, we would take great pleasure in implementing all of the most popular ideas. Realistically, there may be various reasons that prevent us from including them, and we ask that you bear that in mind if your suggestions don’t make it into our roadmaps.  

We want this space to be a partnership so whenever possible, and within reason, we will do what we can to share the priorities and themes of our roadmaps.

Submitting an Idea

Make sure it’s unique

Your first task is to make sure that your idea doesn’t already exist. We receive suggestions every day, so it’s likely that someone else has had the same idea. We want to avoid duplicate submissions to reduce clutter and maximize the number of kudos your idea could receive. If you find a similar idea, don’t just move on! Let us know that you’re also interested with these two actions:

  • Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 5.12.18 PM.png Add your vote by clicking on the kudos icon. This helps the idea become more visible.
  • Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 5.12.31 PM.png Feel free to add a comment with any additional insight and background you have that hasn’t already been shared.

How do I know if the idea already exists?

You can check this by performing a quick search in the Community’s search bar.

🔎 Hot tip: Try using relevant keywords when performing a search. For example, if you have an idea around 'making it possible to automatically assign gear to a specific sport type' enter just a few keywords, like “assign gear sport type".

I made sure it doesn’t exist yet, how do I proceed to submit my idea?

  1. On the Community page, navigate to the “Helps & Ideas” drop-down menu and click on “Ideas”. 
  2. Click on the orange “Suggest an idea” button near the top right of the page. If you don’t see the button make sure you’re signed in first. 
  3. A form will appear prompting you to enter the subject and description of your idea. Please refer to the format in the following section to make your idea as clear and concise as possible and be sure to read the criteria for consideration so you know what we’re looking for in a suggestion.
  4. Make sure you add a label or a tag with the most relevant information and keywords.
  5. When you’re done, click on the orange post button to share it with the rest of the community.


What makes a good idea

Feedback that is actionable and constructive is most useful. When sharing, please consider the following when framing your thoughts:

  • If you have a new idea or a suggestion to improve a feature, it's helpful for us to understand why that feature is important for you and the value your idea/solution will bring. 
  • Specific examples and details that illustrate the problem/confusion you are experiencing. 
  • Screenshots that help visually illustrate the problem. 
  • Write a clear subject and keep it short and simple. Make sure it accurately summarizes your request by using descriptive keywords that include the corresponding feature/functionality. Ask yourself, “If I were searching for this to vote on it, would I be able find it easily?” 
  • Proper use of labels and tags. If your suggestion relates to a specific feature or device, select the most fitting label, or add a tag with the most relevant keyword(s) related to your idea.

Bad example


👉 Note that the subject line doesn’t mention a specific feature, is vague and would not be easy to search for.

Good example


👉 The subject is clear, easily searchable, and describes the feature in question. The description lists why it’s important to the person and the value it would bring to the experience. It also contains an example of when the suggested feature was needed. 

Criteria for consideration

  • Ideas should be specific and constructive.  An effective suggestion will describe the problem you're encountering and propose a solution. Isolated complaints may be removed from the board.
  • This goes without saying: be respectful.
  • Critical feedback can be hard to hear, but we want you to share it with us. We just ask that you are constructive in your approach and stick to the facts. 
  • You are submitting ideas or feedback, not bugs. Please read the instructions on submitting bug reports below. 
  • Suggestions for features that already exist will be marked as such and closed for voting. 
  • Limit each post to one idea, if you have multiple ideas, please create separate posts so we can be clear about updates/status. There are no limits on how many ideas you can submit.
  • Requests to roll back launches or revert an update may be closed. 
  • You can’t vote on your own idea, but others can.
  • We will not accept suggestions regarding our pricing structure.
  • English is preferred, however, if you plan to submit in another language please include a translated version of your idea. 
  • If your idea is not formulated in a clear and concise manner, a moderator may comment on it asking for more details and clarification. If you do not respond within a month, your idea will be marked as archived.

Voting for an Idea

The option to vote for an idea depends on its status. Please refer to the chart below to see which statuses are open for voting. All newly submitted suggestions default to the "New Idea" status and require review and approval before they are opened up for voting. You can comment on ideas in the "New Idea" status and even subscribe to them to be notified about any updates. The option to subscribe to a post appears in the drown-down options menu on the right-hand side. 

What will happen to my idea?

Our moderation team will review your submission to make sure that it adheres to our guidelines and fulfills our requirements, then its status will be updated accordingly. It may be edited by a moderator to polish the subject, add more detail, or for a different reason. You will be notified if it is modified. If your idea is not approved, a moderator will leave a comment to inform you about the decision. Please refer to the following chart for an overview of the six different statuses that exist:

Flowchart of the Idea ProcessFlowchart of the Idea ProcessHow do you decide which ideas are implemented?

There’s a great deal of consideration that goes into this and the following criteria is taken into account for what gets prioritized for future development:

  • How clear and concise an idea is formulated. If it’s easy to understand it will reach more people. A vague idea with insufficient context makes it inherently difficult to comprehend what it is that is being asked for.
  • Popularity and demand. An idea with more votes, comments and enthusiasm will stand out more than one with less engagement.
  • Level of impact. The amount of athletes that would be affected by the implementation of the idea plays a large factor. If a new feature would only be applied to a very small, specific number of people, it may not be the best allocation of our resources.
  • Complexity and resource intensiveness. All developments require different levels of time, skills and resources and play into how feasible it is to bring an idea into the product.
  • Alignment with our priorities. Our internal teams are continuously assessing and discussing opportunities and areas for development. We highly value what our athletes are interested in and must balance this with our vision and roadmap, therefore we cannot entertain every area that our community wants us to delve into. The better the suggestion integrates with our priorities, the more likely we are to implement it.

What if my idea is really popular?

Even if a topic is popular, it may not be feasible to fit into our roadmap. The more your idea is aligned with current initiatives, the more likely it will be to influence our work. We will do our best to share our priorities in advance so that you can participate in timely and relevant discussions. 

Even if it isn’t implemented in the manner in which you envisioned, the feedback may still be considered and used to help make decisions on what we do next.

How often are you reviewing ideas? 

We review all newly submitted ideas weekly and consolidate trends on a quarterly basis to be shared with our product teams.


Bug Reports and Product Support

This space is reserved for feedback. It is not the optimal place to solicit technical assistance or report bugs. 

Bugs: To report a bug, first check our Known Issue section. If you do not see the bug you’re experiencing, you can submit this to our team by following the instructions here.

Product Support: To receive assistance with, or to ask a question about our product, please post a question to the community in one of our Forum boards here.

Alternatively, you can access additional resources:


What about feature suggestions for the community hub itself? Should those be posted under Feature Suggestions too?

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@eric Good question. We welcome your feedback on the Community Hub itself over in our  Community Hub Feedback Group 

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