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Club events should include other activity types, running or biking

Mt. Kenya

Enable #Club Events to be classified as more than Ride or Run events. I have created a #Club (iSwim4) where the #Sport is "Swimming". When I attempt to Add A Club Event; the mandatory field, "Event Type" only contains Run or Ride data elements.

I believe the #Event Type field should contain all or many of the values that exist in the Club Sport, in my case Swimming but in other cases, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Sailing, etc.

By not having this ability, it limits recruiting Strava athletes to join us in pool or open water swim events since the key field descriptors do not align with our #Club (Swimming) - again, it forces us to select Run or Ride and use a description filed to explain that we are really looking to have swimming as the event!


Mt. Kenya


Why are club events limited to running or biking, why not open club events to all sport activities ?

When made possible, it should also include 'routes' and segments for all type of activities



Mt. Kenya

Same here. I need Hike/Walk for events type. Cheers

Mt. Kenya

I'd like to add a "Swim" Club Event to my STRAVA Club. The Event Type* dropdown menu currently only allows for "Ride" or "Run" events. Can this category be expanded to include other group/social sports that are growing in popularity?

Upvoting this idea from Coach Lolo. Would be great to have this considering that it's possible to have a Club type Triathlon. @Bryant @varun 

Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

I'd like to add a Walk/Walking Club Event to my STRAVA Club.

The dropdown menu in Event Type currently only allows for "Ride" or "Run" events but walking is something my club likes to do the most (some of our members are seniors so a "Walk" activity would be great, since Running is difficult for some of them)

Voting for this as well as "hike" because some of our activities are on trail.

Yes! Please add "Walk" to the event type 🙏

Adding kudos to this idea and also requesting that we be able to select 'Hike' for a group event as I'm running into the same problem for my hiking group.


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