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Feedback: Heatmap changes


What have you done to Heatmaps?  I do not care about businesses, or where other people have run, walked, or biked, and the new color selection interface does not allow basemap changes from the same interface (as it should).  Also, as I zoom out, the once-useful aggregation of workouts (showing a circle and number at scales where the actual paths get tiny and useless) is now gone.  Writing this as a cartographer, recent changes are not an improvement.  Is there a way to recover the old display mode?


Mt. Kenya

Agree with much of the feedback here. Please bring back the function in the heatmaps that allows you to see where and how often you have run in the world. I'm not interested in the photos, but in a global overview of my activities.


Hello everyone. Thanks again for all the feedback. We are working on a complete overhaul of clusters and should have positive news for you all shortly...Appreciate your patience! 

Please.  No "overhaul" is necessary.  I know coders like to code, but there can hardly be anything so graphically simple and expressive as the symbology you formerly used.  Simple graduated circles (according to number of activities), with a number inside, would be hard to beat.  If you can do it, then kudos to you, but hopefully there's a skilled cartographer on your staff to provide guidance and tell you there's more bang for your effort to be had elsewhere.

Pico de Orizaba


Strava developers: when will the activity clusters be re-implemented??? How hard can it be? It was a feature which was there already and then who decided it to let go of the clusters and why? Bring the clusters back! 

Mt. Kenya

the circles of aggregates were great - hope to see them back asap!

Mt. Kenya

Late to leave comments, but adding my two cents:

Still missing activity clusters, but have seen the photo clusters as other mentioned. This doesn't have the same effect as I (along with others), don't post photos. People have mentioned this, but adding another comment to reinforce that we miss the clusters allowing easy view of all the areas I've run and how frequently...

Personally, I also miss the easy date changer (i.e. 2021, 2022, 2023). The slider is a nice addition, but if I had to choose between the slider and just a flat out year time frame, I would opt for the year. I find it interesting to see what areas were popular in a given year and on my personal map as I move around.


Hey everyone. Thanks for the additional context and feedback. Really appreciate it! We'll look into it! 

Please do look into and re-instate this as the Heatmaps with clusters is the only reason (and i suspect many others) subscribe. Without this i will not renew.

Mt. Kenya

They added photos to the heatmap options today. But the activity clusters are still missing. Hope they add it back on soon.