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Feedback on “Your Weekly Snapshot” feature


I’m now seeing the “Your Weekly Snapshot” at the top of my feed when using the app. I do not enjoy how this serves almost entirely to make me feel bad about my effort so far in the current week. This is detrimental to my experience on Strava. 

My training schedule each week is highly variable due to plenty of factors such as work, personal commitments, weather, etc. I should not have to see a feature telling me I haven’t been working as hard when I have been putting in more or the same amount of effort as my schedule allows. 

Please enable a toggle for this feature so we do not have to see it. 


Mt. Kenya

I think it should be optional to show Your Weekly Snapshot at the top of your Home Feed. It is great motivation sometimes, but others I just want to look at my feed and not be reminded I am having a recovery week and it’s all red numbers. This should be a feature that could be turned on and off in the Settings.



It is depressing to see the red arrows comparing me to last week. In the spirit of improving one’s mental health through exercise, let us disable/opt out of this “feature”.

Mt. Kenya

Would love to see this feature either go away or at least let users disable.

Mt. Kenya

Poor implementation, as well. Red icons showing that my training volume as of Monday is lower than my volume from all of last week?  Of course it’s lower!

Mt. Kenya

Yep, really agree with this. All running training plans include down weeks/the taper and this just serves to make you feel bad about those weeks/encourage constantly pushing to increase. I find it a really annoying feature.

Moderator Moderator

👋 Hello!
Thank you all for your feedback. Please be sure that your comments are being shared and discussed by our team. 
We appreciate all feedback and suggestions; if anyone has any additional feedback, please post it below so that it can be reviewed by our team.

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

I agree with all the others commenting that this feature should be an optional setting. 

Hey Scout. The tissue wavers are out in force. If they don't like the red arrows, go for a run. It's not the apps fault they're sad.

Hello Scout just want to add I too think this is an awful idea and would like to disable it immediately. 

I actually stopped using Strava shortly after this feature was implemented. I found it contributed to the already very present feeling that I'm never doing enough, especially compared to others, and I had to get myself out of that headspace. Disappointing. 

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