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Feedback on “Your Weekly Snapshot” feature


I’m now seeing the “Your Weekly Snapshot” at the top of my feed when using the app. I do not enjoy how this serves almost entirely to make me feel bad about my effort so far in the current week. This is detrimental to my experience on Strava. 

My training schedule each week is highly variable due to plenty of factors such as work, personal commitments, weather, etc. I should not have to see a feature telling me I haven’t been working as hard when I have been putting in more or the same amount of effort as my schedule allows. 

Please enable a toggle for this feature so we do not have to see it. 


Over a month since your post and this "feature" just showed up in my feed.   Is strava listening to users?   Please allow us to disable it

For the love of all that is good and holy - take this feature right off my page or let me do it myself. It’s awful. Makes me feel lazy. I can see why you’ve done it and I imagine there are lots of people that are going to like it but you must allow us to have the choice to take it off. Really makes me feel like I’m not doing enough and I am doing plenty. 

Pico de Orizaba

Perhaps a setting could be aggregated in a general "casual user" features toggle?

I'm talking about this, the positivity inflation that just oozes inauthenticity, causing a negative halo effect that pulls down all other content (scripted or user generated) with it.

For some users that motivational wording might actually be a net positive, and I guess those users are a market segment Strava hopes to grow in. But for many it's downright insulting to get a scripted "wow, awesome!" when they accidentally tracked the way back to parking, again. I'd wager that there's a lot of overlap between users who dislike the unwarranted positivity and users who dislike the weekly snapshot.

Maybe an aggregated setting that's not a simple toggle but a slider specifying "amount of motivational stuff" and then each feature that falls in the spectrum between "casual" and "serious athlete" gets an activation threshold on that slider? This would allow the preference to apply across platforms (web, app, not all motivational features exist on all platforms) and to new features. Could actually be quite liberating for the creative process of new features, instead of "will it fit the brand: yes/no" Strava teams could just ask themselves "where on the casual/serious scale do we put it"

I am seconding all the comments wanting to get rid of it. I kinda don’t wanna use strava anymore because I feel sometimes I get too obsessive over it. And I know that this is just going to make that worse. And really just make it less fun. 

This feature was implemented in the middle of my training block for my fourth marathon and I despise it. Please give us the option to turn it off.

I also agree with the other comments here. It's absolutely ridiculous that Strava would even think that adding something like this would be a good idea. My week-to-week training is not the same every single week and we should never always be doing more it's stupid. I'm currently marathon training and I just logged into Strava and was met by loads of red downward arrows telling me how bad I am for not doing as many miles this week. Despite the fact that tomorrow I will be doing a very long run. I didn't opt into this stupid feature but there's no way of getting rid of it. As a paying member of Strava, I really implore you to get rid of this. And ASAP. We are in the thick of spring marathon training and I'm sure other people are utterly sick of this. 

it’s been a month since your reply to this. any follow ups?

Also wondering about a follow up. This absolutely needs an option to toggle off.

Hi - adding my thoughts here. There definitely needs to be a toggle to turn it off. If I'm on my feed, I'm there to see what workouts other people have done, I don't care how my monday workout today compares to last week's monday workout, nor should it give me a red arrow if it's one minute shorter than last time, nor should it combine km from both running and cycling because they are not comparable. I don't know who this feature is targeted at. People with programs or a consistent schedule know what they've got to do this week already, and for everyone else it is VERY easy to tap across to your profile and see all those performance statistics if you wish. Most importantly, a productive training program is not progression on progression! Some weeks will be higher intensity, some will be higher volume, some involve cross-training. This widget encourages bad training habits and I don't want to see it every time I open the app.

I agree! Please remove or allow users to disable this feature! It makes me feel bad and like I should do more activities, when I had actually some really good stats from the week. No one can continuously do more activities - but we all want to see the green mark to say we've done more. It is detrimental to the user experience and mental health.

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